Add Required Work to a Unit

While checking in a unit on the Service Board (Service menu Service Board.), required work can be added in the check in wizard.  Required work will appear to technicians when they start work on the unit.

Click Check In to open the check in wizard.
Search for the Unit you want to check in and click Select


Click Next, then click a labor icon to open the labor activites associated with that system
Click the green plus next to the labor activity to add it as work required. Repeat this step for all required labor activities for the unit, then click Next
To assign a unit with required work to a specific technician, click and drag their name to a date/time slot on the calendar.


The unit will appear on the Arrivals board with a link to the required work and the name of the assigned technician.


The unit will also appear in the TechRO of the assigned technician. The Technician can click Select to view the required work

The work required is in the Labor tab of the repair order on the left-hand side
To add more work required to the unit the Technican can click More Work
Another way to add work required to a Unit is in the Arrivals tab on the Service Board. 
Click the green plus under the Work Required column to add additional required work for the unit.
Unit Master
You can also add Work Required to a Unit from the Fleet → Unit Master screen.
Simply search and select the unit you wish to add Required Work to - For this example I am using LC111.
Open the Unit's detailed information by clicking the Unit number.
Navigate to the Work Required tab and click '+ More Work...'
This will open your VMRS codes and Service Programs to add any necessary work required to the unit.
Simply click the Green Plus icon and add any notes to the Work Required, then click 'Add'
This will then show as Work Required the next time this unit is brought in for repairs/maintenance.