Administration- How to Create Users

Administrative Users have the ability to create new Users in the system which requires an email address to create. 


Create User

Administration->User Manager -> New User
This will open a pop-up
fill in the first 4 lines as required
If any lines are filled out incorrectly, the box will outline in Red; when you bring your mouse back to it, it will bold the outline and show the error

Create Employee

Adding a Technician is similar to creating a User. 
Administration -> User Accounts-> User Manager -> Create Employee -> + New Employee
Their Employee Number (or Badge), their name, and their start date are all required information. 

Setting Location/types is located under EMPLOYEE section of this article. These would need to be set in order to "schedule" techs in the system, however, time can be associated on a work order to a technician regardless.

Adding Licenses


Once the User is made, the software needs to be added. Select the User on the left so that the information is displayed on the right. Select the Security Tab to add the software.
Software is what controls the Users access in the system, and should only be assigned as needed.  Some are unlimited, and some are issued by User.
If you find you require any additional licenses, please contact the CX Team by submitting a ticket to or giving us a call at 1-877-848-8817.
Admin / Manager License: $125.00 USD per month ($165.00 CAD)
Technician License: $69.00 USD per month ($90.00 CAD)
(as of May 2024)
If there are multiple licenses to choose from, then the one that you are looking to add needs to be highlighted in blue. When you open the list, it will automatically do this to the very first one
Select the name of the one you would like and then press Add. Multiple licenses can be assigned to a User, but they must be added 1 at a time. 


Technicians need to have access to a User with the Tech Portal Software assigned as well as their Badge; the User grants access to the TechRO while the Badge helps associate the specific technician with the work. 

The Employee does not need to be assigned to a User to log in. Many Corporations have 1 Tech User for their Techs to sign in with, and then it is the badge they enter that differentiates which Tech is Using the system.
The only license that can be assigned to a Tech is the Corresponding Tech License. The Tech Portal, which is assigned to the User, is unlimited; the Tech License is individually assigned to each Tech. 

Assign Type + Location

For Techs, you will also need to set their Type and Location. This allows them to show in the System for Scheduling and Reports
Click Add to open a pop-up; select the location from the drop-down menu
Set an Effective date and a Termination date

The Termination date should be far enough in the future that it will not expire while the Tech requires access to the badge

Disabling and Removing Licenses

When the login is no longer needed, or you would like to change who it is assigned to, you can disable a User to prevent past employees from having access to the system


To remove a license, select the Security tab. In the list of software, locate the one you wish to remove and press the red X. This is useful for if roles change within your company and only minor changes need to be made to their system access
If you would like to remove all licenses and Disable the User, select the Details tab and click Disable. All licenses will be removed and the User will become Inactive.


Administration-> User Accounts-> Employee Manager-> Select Employee
When a Tech's employment has been terminated, select the Disable button on the Details tab in order to deactivate this badge. You will then be able to create a new employee and assign the license when the role has been filled once more.