This article will show how to make changes to your Auto-Replenish settings.

Administration-> Corporate Setup Manager-> Warehouses

Select the Warehouse by clicking on the code and go to the Auto-Replenishment tab

If you've never set up Auto-Replenishment

The screen will appear like so, click on the word OFF to enable Auto-Replenishment at that Warehouse

If Auto-Replenishment is turned on

Once enabled, you have the ability to set the frequency for the Auto-Replenishment.
If no Parts appear under the list then no parts are currently set to auto-replenish.

To Add Parts to the Auto-Replenishment list

Go to Parts-> Part Master and select the part. Once it's open, click on the box in the upper right-hand corner. Once the checkmark appears, the part is set for auto-replenish. 

Include or Exclude Parts from Auto-Replenishment

You can use the Manage Auto-Replenishment Parts to toggle parts between being Included or Excluded from that warehouses auto-replenishment orders