Cashier Manager Guide (Video)

This article provides Cash Drawer managers with an overview of how to use and install the EMDECS Cash Drawer software.

Application Security Warning

When using the cash drawer on a PC for the first time, a Security Warning may pop-up, pictured below.  If you receive this warning while using the cash drawer system in EMDECS, put a check next to "I accept the risk and want to run the application" then click Run to proceed.

Cashier Manager Video Walkthrough


Cashier Manager Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The following walkthrough provides a step-by-step guide of how cashier managers can sign in and use the EMDECS cash drawer system.

To start a new day and begin using the cash drawer, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Sign in to EMDECS by loading and sign in with their BrightOrder supplied username and password.

  2. Open the Financials menu and select POS Manager.

  3. The POS Manager opens to the Retail Day tab.  Any active shifts will be listed on this screen.

    For each calendar day, there can only be one business day. There can be many shifts within the business day (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening, etc.). Each cashier can open and close multiple shifts within a day. To start a new business day, click Start day.

  4. After starting a day, the screen will refresh with a retail day number and the current date. The Start day button will change to an End day button.
    Do not click End day to end the current day until all shifts have been completed.  If you end a day early, you will be unable to start a new retail day until the next calendar date (after midnight).  EMDECS does not allow two retail days to exist on the same calendar day and there is no undo option once a day has been ended.
    After a day has been started, cashiers can sign in and start their shifts.
  5. Clicking Refresh after a cashier has started their shift will display their shift start in the Shifts section.

  6. From the Cashier Payout tab, you can add or remove cash assigned to the cash drawer.  Payout history can be viewed by changing the From and To Date then clicking Refresh.  Put a check next to Include Voided to display voided payouts.

    In this example, the cashier started their shift with $0 in the drawer.  To add a cash float, click on the payout # or click Add Cashier Payout.

  7. Select the IN or OUT radio button at the top to indicate whether you are putting cash into the register, or taking cash out of the register.  Select a shift from the drop-down list, then enter a dollar amount at the bottom.  Entering a reason is optional.  In the example below, I'm adding a cash float of $150 to the drawer. Click Save / Exit at the bottom of the window to save the transaction.

  8. The payout will be added to the payout list. To edit a payout, click on the payout # hyperlink.  If a payout needs to be reversed, use the Void check boxes in the rightmost column.

  9. To view history and run reports of cash drawer transactions, open the End Day History tab. Print buttons are available next to each day.  Click print to generate a PDF report of the day's transactions. In the bottom pane, each employee's shift for the day will be displayed, along with a status and deposit amount at the end of their shift.

  10. Example of day end report:

  11. To close / end a day, return to the Retail Day tab.  If there are still open shifts, the End day button will be greyed out.  All cashiers need to close their shifts before the manager can end the day.  Click End day to end the day.
After the day has been ended, you will be unable to start a new day until the next calendar day (after midnight).

Cash Drawer System Requirements and Software Installation

We currently support the following cash drawer models:
  1. MS Cash Drawer J-184-USB-B
  2. APG Cash Drawer JB484A-BL2020-C

The Cash Drawer module requires Windows 7 or higher (Windows 10 recommended) with Java (32-bit) installed.  Internet Explorer 11, which comes pre-installed in Windows 7 and higher, needs to be used to sign in to EMDECS and use the cash drawer system.  Windows 10 also comes packaged with Microsoft Edge.  In order to use the Cash Drawer Java application, Internet Explorer must be used instead of Edge.  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not support Java plug-ins.

Install and Configure Java

Complete the following steps to install and configure Java:

  1. Java can be downloaded and installed by opening the following link:

    Alternatively, visit and click on the Windows Offline link to download Java.  Note:  Do not install the "Windows Offline (64-bit)" version.  The cash drawer system has only been tested using the 32-bit version of Java.

  2. Open/run the Java installation file to step through the installation wizard.
  3. After installing Java, it needs to be configured to allow the EMDECS website to access Java.  Search for and open theConfigure Java app from the Windows search bar.

  4. A Java Control Panel screen will pop-up.  Open the Security tab then click Edit Site List.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Enter the URL of your EMDECS sign in page.  Typically this will be

    For former PACCAR Connect customers, please enter
    Former DAF Connect customers in Europe, please enter

    Click OK to save the exception.

  7. Click OK to close the Java Control Panel.

  8. After installing and configuring Java, open Internet Explorer.  A security pop-up will appear at the bottom of the Internet Explorer window to enable the Java Plug-In Helper.  Click Enable.

Cash Drawer Software Installation

After installing Java and connecting the cash drawer to the PC, complete the following steps to install the cash drawer configuration program:
  1. Click here to download the Cash Drawer software installation program.
  2. Open the file download to run the installation wizard. Click Next to begin the installation.

  3. Click Next to use the default installation folder. Advanced users can click Browse to choose a different installation folder.

  4. Click Next to confirm the installation.

  5. Wait while the software is installed.

  6. Click Close to complete the installation and launch the cash drawer server application.

  7. From the configuration screen, click on either the Generic Serial Port option or the MS Cash Drawer USB option, depending on how your cash drawer is connected to the PC.  You can click the Test button to test the connection to your cash drawer.  Change the ports and re-test as needed.

User and Employee Administration

This section outlines steps required to set up users and employees to have access to the cash drawer screens in EMDECS.

Assign the Cashier and/or Cashier Manager Software to Users

A user and employee record need to be created for each cashier and cashier manager.  Companies that do not have a set cashier can create a generic employee record and user to be shared by any employees who handle cash transactions.


If you do not have sufficient users or software licenses, please contact the EMDECS customer experience team for assistance.


User Configuration

Complete the following steps to set up user accounts:

  1. Open Administration User Accounts User Manager then select the appropriate user from the Users list on the left-hand side, select the Security tab, and click Add Software.

  2. For cashiers, click on the Cashier software to highlight it and click Add.

    For cashier managers, select the Cashier Manager software instead.  You can also add both software packages to the same user if the user is performing the work of both a cashier manager and cashier.

  3. Software added to users is listed in the software section, as shown in the example below:

  4. Open the Regions/Repair Locations tab and ensure that the user has been added to any repair location where they will be operating a cash drawer.  Use the Add Repair Location button to add additional locations, as required.

Employee Configuration

For each user configured in the section above, an employee record needs to be created, linked to the user account, and tied to the cashier type and location(s). Complete the following steps:

  1. Open Administration User Accounts Employee Manager then select the appropriate employee from the list on the left-hand side.  If the employee does not already exist, click New Employee to add the new employee record.

    After selecting the employee, click on the Assign link in the Details section.

  2. Highlight the appropriate user and click Assign.

  3. The user has now been assigned to the employee, as indicated in the example below:

  4. The employee also needs to be assigned the "cashier" type in order to operate the cash drawer.  Open the Types tab and click Add Type.

  5. Select an effective date, the cashier type, then click Add.

  6. The Cashier type has been added, as pictured below.

    Employees can be set to multiple types.  For example, a cashier manager who operates the cash drawer may be assigned both the Manager type and the Cashier type.
  7. In addition to the type, the employee needs to be assigned to any locations where they operate cash drawers.  Open the Locations tab.  If the location(s) is not already listed, click Add Location.

  8. Select a location, and enter from and to dates.  Click Add to save the new location.

Add Cash Drawers and Cashiers to a Location

This section explains how to add new cash drawers and new cashiers to a repair location.

Add New Cash Drawer

Cash drawers need to be added to each repair location using a cash drawer system using the following steps:

  1. Browse to Administration Corporate Setup Manager Repair Locations.

    From the Repair Locations tab, click on the location code for the location/facility with the cash drawer.

  2. Select the Cash Drawers tab then click Add Cash Drawer.

  3. Enter a drawer number and click Save/Exit. Repeat these steps if there are multiple cash drawers at the location.

Add New Cashier to a Repair Location

Employees must be assigned the cashier type in each location they work in using the following steps:

  1. Select the Cashiers tab and click Add Cashier.

  2. Select the cashier's name from the drop-down list and set an effective date.  The expiry date is optional.  Click Save/Exit to add the cashier.

Create Cashier Labor Shifts

Labor shifts (i.e. day shift, evening shift, overnight shift) need to be created for each type of shift worked by cashiers in any of your location. Use the following steps to create labor shifts:

  1. Open Administration Standard Codes select the Customer tab select the Labor Shifts tab.
  2. Labor shifts can be created by clicking Add and entering a code and description.  Existing shifts can be editing by typing directly in the text fields.  To remove a shift, click on the red X at the far right then empty the trash bin.