Change Retail Price Based on

Manage/Change what your retail price is based on

If you sell parts based on retail prices, you need to decide whether you want your retail prices to be fixed or based on a markup of the retail price.
If you use fixed pricing, parts will be sold based on a discount of the retail price.  For example, you could create a discount contract of 0% to sell at the retail price, or have a discount of 20% to sell to your preferred customers at 20% off the retail price.  Alternatively, if you want to add a markup on top of the retail price, then you can use a retail markup (this should not be confused with the markup option in the parts contract wizard explained in the Parts Contract document).
If you wish you use retail pricing for a part contract then you will have to use the discount section in the Part Contract Wizard explained in the Part Contract document.

The fixed vs. markup behaviour is controlled by the "retail price based on" setting for each of your parts. If you need to change the default setting for new parts created in EMDECS, please contact our customer experience team to change your RETAILPRICEBASE system parameter to either fixed or markup.

This setting can be changed in bulk for existing parts by opening the:
Parts Menu > Part Master > Things To Do list on the left-hand side > click on the Change Retail Price Based On link
Click on Generate List of Parts.
In the following pop-up, and before generating a list of parts, this list can be narrowed down by:
1. Product group
2. Vendor
3. Active status
4. Stock status
Leave the fields blank to generate a list of all parts in your EMDECS system. 
Click the Generate button to generate a list of matching parts.

Using the Select All De-select All , and Select check boxes, ensure there is a check next to the parts that need the retail price base changed.

At the bottom of the screen, select Set Retail Price To Be Fixed (for fixed pricing based on the discount percentage) or Set Retail Price To Be Markup (to have parts pricing set using a markup of the retail price).  Click Change to update the price base.

Markup contracts that are assigned to a customer based on cost will override retail prices.