Core Credits: Processing Claims towards Vendors in EMDECS

This article will detail how to create an XLS document to submit Core Claims to vendors within EMDECS using the Core Manager screen.

Video Walkthrough


Creating a Core Return

To begin a Core Return, create an RO and add the desired part. When adding a core by itself, there will be a checkbox that allows you to mark the part as a Core Return. The Issue button changes to reflect this as well. 
Complete RO

Processing the Core Return

Create Claim Export File

After processing the claim towards your customer, go to Parts-> Cores in order to create the claim towards your vendor.
Select the vendor from the list on the left-hand side. Only vendors with active core claims will appear here.  Once the information populates, click Create Claim. A pop-up will display all cores within the claim, select Export Claim File. The system will ask for a reference number before completing this action. 
EMDECS will then render an XLS document for the Core Claim, which will appear in the downloads file of your browser. 

Create Vendor Credit

When processing the credit, please be careful of which claim you select. Your vendor may appear more than once on this page, and it is the Reference number that will let you know which claim is which. 
Enter the Recovered Amount and select the checkbox for "Request Depot to Return Parts". When ready, click on Process Credit. 

Claim History

All claims can be viewed on the History tab. This is a data only page and does not contain any hyperlinks 

Claim Vendor Return


 The system does not differentiate Clean vs Dirty when looking at the On-Hands for Cores, therefore your inventory will not update in EMDECS without performing a Return towards the Vendor after processing the Core Claim.


 Create a Quick Receiving under Parts-> Receive Parts-> Things to Do



When a Core Part is entered into the Part# Field the Core Return checkbox will appear. Enter the qty and press Add Part. The system will automatically turn it into a negative amount when adding it to the Receiving



If done, press Receive Parts


The Dirty Cores will now be removed from Inventory, keeping the amount of Clean cores accurate.