Counter Sale Returns

For more information on how to create counter sales click here.

Video Walkthrough


Create Counter Sale Returns


1. To create a counter sale return go to Parts > Counter Sale Manager 
2. Under Things To Do on the left hand side of the screen click on Counter Sale Return
3. A screen will pop up where you can input the Original Counter Sale Invoice Number. If you know the invoice number you can start typing it in the field until it populates or you can click on the magnifying glass icon to open up different search fields.
You can click the Search button to show all the available counter sale invoices, or you can search for Invoice NumberCode and/or Name to narrow down the search results.

Note: To edit the # of days return window for counter sales click on the number hyperlink. In the popup you can change the # of Days and click OK to save.
This narrows down the search criteria and results in showing you only the valid counter sale invoices the X number of days back 
4. When you input a valid counter sale Invoice the Create New Counter Sale Credit button will turn blue and you'll be able to click on it.
If you have any open or invoiced returns associated with the counter sale # they would appear here as well.
You can click on any opened return counter sales or create a new one by clicking Create New Counter Sale Credit.
5. When you open a new Counter Sale Return you will get a pop-up screen as shown below. You can edit the Date and add any Notes.
To add a Surcharge click on the Surcharge hyperlink.
6. In the pop-up screen you will see the list of available Surcharges. Click on the green + to add the Surcharge to the counter sale return.
7. To set the Surcharge percentage, fill in the column.
Or if you want the Surcharge to be a flat rate, check the Flat Rate checkbox and fill in the Amount column. 
8. Adjust the Charge Quantity of the parts you are returning and make sure to check the Return checkbox beside the applicable part numbers. 
Note: The Charge Quantity should be negative since you are returning the parts.
9. When you are finished click on Create and Print Credit Invoice.
Below is an example of the Counter Sale Return Invoice.

View Counter Sale Return History 

1. To view the Counter Sale Returns go to Parts > Counter Sale Manager > History 
2. If you click on the Invoice # hyperlink you can see the counter sale return details. You are able to Delete Invoice and also Reprint the invoice if needed. 
3. Another way to view the counter sale return history is by clicking on Counter Sale Return under Things To Do, and searching for the Counter Sale Invoice #
This will show you any open or submitted counter sale returns associated with the inputted counter sale invoice #.