Counter Sales and Back Orders

This article details how the Counter Sale system can be used to create and maintain Back Orders for customer part purchases within EMDECS. Back Orders are created when the Order quantity is higher than the Charge quantity on a Counter Sale. Parts on

Creating a Back Order

Parts-> Counter Sale Manager
Counter Sales are used to sell parts to customers without a labour charge. Click on +Add New Counter Sale and enter the Location and Customer. The magnifying glass allows you to use the advanced search option if needed. Press OK when ready. 
You have the ability to add customers on the fly by clicking on the +New button within the popup.
The Counter Sale screen will open for you to add the Parts and Quantities that the customer has requested. The Warehouse information, such as location and on-hands, will be listed to the right hand side for the part. The warehouse information is only for display purposes to notify of location and current on-hand. The system will not consider your current on hands when processing a Counter Sale. 
If you have more than one warehouse, the name of the warehouse will be a hyperlink that can be selected in order to change which warehouse the part is issued from. 
The Order qty and Charge qty will automatically match. Change the amount in the Charge column to have a number populate in the B/O qty column. 

Placing Your Order

It is important to place the order from within the Counter Sale in order to establish the link for the Back Order. If this is not done, the Create CS button on the Back Order page will be greyed out and regardless of the on-hand quantity, the Back Order can not be fulfilled. 
Once there is quantity in the B/O column, select Order Parts

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 Enter the Vendor and select the parts that you would like to order. When finished, press Submit/Print PO
A Purchase Order will render on a separate tab which displays that this order is to finish fulfilling a Counter Sale
if the invoice does not render, check Reports-> Report History. If it still will not open, check your computer/browser for pop-up blockers and if possible add EMDECS to the exception list. 
Return to EMDECS and invoice the Counter Sale

Receive Parts

Parts -> Receive Parts
When the parts ordered for the Counter Sale have arrived, receive them in the system as you would a normal Purchase Order. The Counter Sale shows as linked on the order
it will also show on the Receiving Invoice

Fulfilling the Back Order

Parts-> Counter Sales-> Back Orders
Once the order has been received, the Create CS button will turn blue for the corresponding orders.
This will only occur if the parts are ordered using the above method. If an order is placed outside of the Counter Sale system, the link will not be established.
Click on the one you would like to action- a pop-up will appear asking: 
"Are you sure you want to Create a New Counter Sale for this Back Order Part?
Once a new Counter Sale is invoiced, the Back Order will be Fulfilled"

If there is more than one item on back order for the same counter sale

pressing Create CS will only create an Counter Sale for the one item. Even if the other parts are added to the Counter Sale, it will not remove the line from the Back Order. If you choose to do this, you would need to cancel the order. 
Another option might be to open the Counter Sale by deleting the invoice and re-processing it. 
Once the Back Order has been processed, the Invoice will render on another tab. New Counter Sale and Invoice Numbers are associated and there is nothing denoting the original Counter Sale.