Create a New Unit (Video)

This article explains how new units or equipment (such as tractors, trucks, and trailers) can be added in EMDECS.

Video Walkthrough


Create a New Unit: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Units are created and managed from the Unit Master screen in EMDECS.  Follow these steps to add a new unit:
  1. Open the Fleet menu and select Unit Master.

  2. The Unit Master will open to the Units tab.  Click on New Unit.

  3. The new unit needs to be linked to the equipment owner.  Search for an owner in the Search and Select Owner field.  Alternatively, you can click on New Owner to add a new unit owner to your system.

    Use the Select button to select an owner from the list.

  4. Fill out the new unit details and then click Save / Exit at the bottom of the screen to save the new unit.  Note - if the unit should be tied to a PM group or SRT group for service programs, ensure that the appropriate options are selected in the Groups section - these can also be added at a later date.