Create, Receive, and Invoice a Parts PO (Video)

This article provides a video and step-by-step walkthrough of how to create a new parts purchase order (PO), receive the parts, then invoice purchase orders in EMDECS.

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Refer to the following step-by-step instructions to create, receive, and then invoice a new parts purchase order in EMDECS:
  1. Open the Parts menu and select Order Parts.

  2. The Order Parts screen opens to the Suggested Orders tab. If you have parts configured for re-ordering or want to re-order parts based on usage and sales, click on the General Orders button.  Skip to step number 5 to create a new purchase order from scratch, without generating suggested orders.

  3. The following options are available for generating restock purchase orders:

    Usage: Parts will be re-ordered based on usage in the date range specified (this includes repairs and counter sales). For example, if you issue part ABC five times in the from and to date range, give of them will be ordered to replace the quantity used.
    Part Master Ordering Setting: The part will be re-ordered based on minimum and maximum stock level settings defined in the part master settings for each individual part (part replenishment settings can be located by opening the Parts menu Part Master click on a part number → Replenish Settings tab.
    Just In-Time: EMDECS uses an algorithm to estimate when the part should be re-ordered so it arrives just in time to be used. This helps reduce on hand stock levels so do not have excess inventory. To set up just in time purchasing, please contact our customer experience team.

  4. The Restocks section will be populated with a list of vendors for restocking parts. Clicking on a vendor name will start a new purchase order.

  5. To create a purchase order on the fly, select the Spot Order tab or click on Sport Order under the Things to Do list.
  6. On the Search Catalog screen, use the drop-down list to search for parts by the part number, description, or exact part number.
  7. Adjust the quantities, as needed, and click Add to add parts to your PO order list on the right hand side,
  8. If you have multiple warehouses, ensure that the correct warehouse is selected from the drop-down list, then click Issue PO.
  9. Separate POs must be issued for each individual parts vendor. Click on the Issue PO button next to a vendor to continue.
  10. The Purchase Order screen displays a summary at the top, with the location, vendor, PO number, dates, and optional reference and notes. On the right hand side is a summary of charges. 

    The default ship to location is set to the default warehouse. To specify a different ship to location, click on the Select link next to "Ship to:" and then select another location or use the Add Location button to add a new location for selection. 

    Added costs, such as freight fees, can be added by clicking on the added cost dollar amount hyperlink.
  11. Additional parts can be added to the PO by searching in the part # field, then enter a quantity and click Add.

  12. In the list of parts, changes can be to the quantity, unit of measure, conversion (for example, enter 12 in the conversion field if parts are purchased in packages of a dozen), and unit cost. Optionally, a vendor part number and notes can also be added. To remove a part from the list, click on the red X's. To link a part to a repair labor activity click on the Link button.
  13. When you are done adding parts and charges, click Submit / Print PO at the bottom of the screen.

  14. A PDF of the PO will pop-up on your screen for printing.

  15. To receive parts received from your PO, open the Parts menu and select Receive Parts.
  16. Select the Purchase Orders radio button, ensure that the correct warehouse is selected, select the appropriate PO from the list, and click on the Receive PO button.
  17. On the Inventory Receiving screen you can make adjustments or additions to the parts listed. If the receiving is also ready for invoicing, you can make changes to added costs or taxes by clicking on the dollar amount hyperlinks. The part quantities and unit costs may also be edited.

    Click on the Receive Parts button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

    Please note that it is not necessary to receive all parts at once. If the PO is being delivered in multiple shipments, a partial receiving can be entered. EMDECS keeps track of how many parts on the order have been received and how many are still outstanding. One PO can be linked to many receivings.

  18. Enter an invoice number and date if the receiving is ready to be invoiced. If you have not received an invoice from the vendor yet, leave the invoice number field blank. In this walk through, I'm leaving the invoice number blank to demonstrate how to invoice after receiving is completed.

    Click on Receive Parts to finish the receiving (if you have a barcode label printer attached, and are using Internet Explorer, you can click on Receive PO and Print Labels).

  19. A receiving report will be printed in a pop-up window.
  20. The final step is to process the vendor invoice when it is time to pay for the parts received. This can be done in the AP Invoices screen located in the Parts menu AP Invoices.
  21. Search for a vendor by entering their name in the search field and then select them in the vendor search results.
  22. Put a check next to the PO or POs to be invoiced, then click on the Process Invoice button.
  23. Enter the vendor's invoice number and the invoice date. The reference and notes fields are optional. Last minute changes can be made to added costs, discount, or taxes by clicking on any of the hyperlinks. The invoice quantity and unit cost of each part can also be edited.

    Click OK to save and finalize the invoice.