Dispatch Manager

This article details how to use the Dispatch Module found in EMDECS.

Standard Codes

Billing Codes are required when creating a Dispatch Order. There are no default codes in the system, so these would need to be created. You can also create Load Status codes and Surcharges from this category. 

Standard Codes-> Dispatch-> Load Status

To add a new status, click on +Add Load Status and fill in the Code and Description

Standard Codes-> Dispatch-> Billing Codes

Click on +Add Billing Code and enter a code and description. You can choose whether there is a fuel surcharge for this Billing Type

Standard Codes-> Dispatch-> Surcharges

Specific Surcharges can be created for Dispatch purposes
Click on +Add Surcharge. The Code and Description are required fields. You can choose between setting a Percentage (with Min/Max amount limit capabilities) or a Flat Rate. There's also the ability to mark whether the Surcharge will be taxable or not. 

Dispatching a Unit

Go to Fleet-> Dispatch Manager to access the module. If there any units are currently dispatched, they can be viewed from the Open Orders tab it opens to. The Dispatch Date From is set to a month back by default.
To start, click on +Add Dispatch Order. There are 6 required fields in order to dispatch a Unit:
  1. Invoice to
  2. From Customer
  3. From Location
  4. Dispatch Date
  5. Unit Number ->Choose between Internal Units, Customer Owned, or External
  6. Billing Code
Fill out any other fields as desired for the transaction. Once ready, click on Dispatch 
The Agreement will now show on the Open Orders tab

To Return a Unit

When the unit has returned, select the Dispatch Number on the Open Orders tab
Enter in any final notes or prices to the Dispatch Order 
*this can also be done at the Completion stage
You can view the Status of the Unit at any point from the bottom of the Dispatch Order. When ready, click on Undispatch to return the Unit to the Shop Location.
The pop-up will close; Reopen the pop-up to Complete the order.
Once marked as Complete, it will be removed from the Open Orders tab.


Any Units that were dispatched will appear under To Be Invoiced once the Agreement is marked as Completed.
*This is true even for invoices that amounted to 0.00
Select the Invoices you'd like to process
*You can also use this screen to Uncomplete the Dispatch Order if closed by accident.
You can enter an Invoice Description and Notes at the bottom. When ready, click on Generate Invoices
*If the invoice does not pop-up, it can be viewed under the History tab


The History tab will display any Invoiced Dispatches within a month from that days date. As an example, viewing the page on November 7th gives the page a pre-loaded date of October 7th
If multiple Dispatched Orders are attached to the Invoice, they are displayed in the bottom pane once the line is highlighted. 
Click on the Invoice Number to View, Delete, or Reprint the Invoice. You can also Reprint using the button at the end of the line.