Driver Defect Portal: Driver User Tutorial (Video)

The Driver Defect Portal is a tool for ensuring equipment defects are prioritized and repaired to keep loads moving!  Drivers can sign into the portal using any Internet connected device to report defects to the shop manager and service technicians. This article and video provide a walkthrough of how drives can sign in and use the Driver Defect Portal

Driver Defect Portal: Video Walkthrough


Driver Defect Portal: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Driver Defect Portal: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  1. To access the Driver Defect Portal, sign in to with the shared driver defect portal username and password
  2. Each driver will have their own driver badge to identify them.  Enter your badge ID and click Go.
  3. A list of units is automatically displayed on the DDP tab.  Enter a unit number, description, owner, VIN, or license plate in the Search Unit field to find the defective unit.  Alternatively, you can click on the Advanced Search button to perform a search with more search criteria options.
  4. After finding the defective unit, click on the Select button.
  5. A list of icons is displayed for the technician to drill down and select the appropriate defect. 
  6. A list of VMRS repair codes linked to icon are listed.  Click on the green plus to add the defect.  If you need to return to the previous screen, click on the blue arrow near the top-left.
  7. Select a reason code for the service that most closely matches.
  8. Enter a detailed description of the defect that needs to be repaired and any other explanatory notes then click OK.
  9. The item will be added to the Defect Report pane on the right-hand side.  Additional items can be added if there is more than one defect that needs servicing.
  10. Click Finish when done.
  11. A Defect Report Summary will pop up on the screen with a list of all defects.  A signature may be required.  Review the summary and click Sign to continue.
  12. Sign your name and click OK to submit your defect report.

The defects have been reported and submitted to the service team for repair.