Generate and Export System Journals (Video)

This article explains how to generate and export journal batches in EMDECS. This article is applicable to users with either our Full Accounting System or export journal batches to third-party accounting systems (i.e. QuickBooks)

EMDECS Full Accounting users need to generate journal batches, but should not export. Exporting journal batches is only applicable if you need to export from EMDECS to a third-party accounting system.
GL batches need to be journalized regularly.  The frequency at which you generate journals is up to you.  Some organizations generate journals each day, each week, or at the end of each month.  While it is up to you how often you generate journals, it is easier to identity and resolve batch errors if there is less time between journalizing batches. If you use EMDECS full accounting, GL batches must be generated before closing a period (month end or year end)

Video Walkthrough


Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Journal batches can be generated using the Financial Manager.  Open the Financials menu and select Financial Manager .


A list of existing journal batches open on the main tab.  If you have multiple locations. you can filter the list and general journals by location using the Export Location field.  There is also a checkbox to only show batches with errors.

Individual invoices for a highlighted batch are displayed in the Details pane at the bottom of the Export Journals tab.

Generate New Journal Batches

To generate new journal batches, click the Generate Journals button.

  1. Select the year, period, and the up to date for generating journal batches.  If you select a period that has already ended, the To Date field will not be displayed.  EMDECS will automatically generate journals for any invoices dated up to the last day of the period.

  2. Put a check next to the journal sources to be generated.  The number of journals in this list will vary depending on the EMDECS modules you use and your accounting system.

  3. Click Generate Journals.

EMDECS will generate new journal batches for the selected journal sources and add them to the list at the top (unless there are no new invoices for the period_.  Any invoices that are already journalized will be skipped.  Only new invoices that have not been journalized will be added to new GL batches.

Export Journal Batches

Note: If there are errors, you can read the error message(s) by clicking on the Error buttons.  If you are unsure how to correct a journal batch error, please copy and paste the full error messages in an email to or call us at 1-888-205-8817 for assistance.

If you export your journal batches to third party accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Great Plains, click on the Export button(s) to export and download your invoices in a format to be imported.