Hand-Held Barcode Scanner Support

A hand-held scanner allows technicians to identify themselves for time sheet purposes, as well as offering the ability to scan parts onto work orders and repair orders, either using a system generated label or the manufacturer's bar code.

These devices are essentially a type of keyboard – rather than manually typing the device can read a bar code font, which EMDECS users in a search/selection field.

Hardware Requirements

Required: ability to program an ENTER command after each scan

Most single trigger hand­‐held scanners will work with EMDECS as long as they can be programmed to automatically add an ENTER command after each scan. Check the merchandise literature or contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

If you already have a model that you would like to test, plug the scanner into a computer and open the Notepad application in Microsoft Windows or something similar – scan any bar code and if characters are displayed on the screen and the curser moves down one line from those characters as if an ENTER key had been pressed, that hand-­‐held scanner should operate well with EMDECS.

Supported Scanners

This is a non-exclusive list.  These models of scanner have been specifically tested for compatibility.

SR-30 Tethered Scanner

SR31t Tethered Scanner

VG1200g Tethered Scanner

SG20 Wireless Scanner

Socket Mobile

Motorola / Symbol DS6878

To scan barcodes on a screen you need a 2D Barcode Scanner, Most brands will label there scanners as either 1D or 2D, It might also say on the box or software that came with the scanner if there is any. 2D barcode scanners can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes. This means that these scanners can scan barcodes off of LCD screens and displays as well as physical labels


Issue:  Downloads folder or download tab opens in your web browser after scanning a barcode.
Solution:  Some Intermec scanners send a "Ctrl-J" keyboard entry with the scanned bar code.  This will cause your web browser to pop up a window or open a tab with your download history.  Scan the following bar code to suppress the "Ctrl-J" output: