How to add Repair Locations and Warehouses

This article will detail how to create new Repair Locations and Warehouses in the EMDECS system.

Adding a Repair Location

Administration-> Corporate Setup Manager-> Repair Locations
Click on +Add Repair Location to start. All required fields are marked with an asterisk; the other tabs are greyed out until the location has been created. 
You can set the Prefix for your ROs, or link with another Location to share Prefixes. 
RO prefixes can also be changed at a later point
After selecting Create, the system will take a moment to process and create the data related to the repair location. When it's done, the tabs can be selected - the prefix can now be found under the Prefixes and Sequences tab
To override Corporate defaults, certain items can be overwritten at the repair level using these tabs. Taxes, logos, Invoice Notes and Assigned Warehouses can all be affected from here. 
The new repair location will be visible in the list after selecting Save/Exit

Adding a Warehouse

Administration-> Corporate Setup Manager-> Warehouses
Select +New Warehouse. Similar to the Repair Locations, there are fields marked with an asterisk to show they're required and the ability to set the Prefix. 
If using Tire Connect, the Warehouse ID and API key can be entered here
Click Save/Exit when done. The new warehouse will now appear in the list

Attaching a Warehouse to a Repair Location

You can lock a specific warehouse to each repair location to prevent inventory from being taken from the wrong warehouse in EMDECS. 
Return to the Repair Locations Tab in the Corporate Setup Manager. Click on the code for your repair location and select the tab Assign Warehouses. Click on Assign Warehouse to (Name) to proceed
Select the appropriate one from the list of available warehouses
The warehouse will now show as attached. Check the Default box to make it the default warehouse for this repair location