How to Create a Counter Sale in EMDECS

Counter Sales are used when you would like to sell a part to a customer without including any labour.

To create a Counter Sale, go to Parts-> Counter Sale Manager. The page will display any currently open Counter Sales. Click on the line to view the Summary of the Counter Sale on the right-hand side

Creating a Counter Sale

To begin, click on +Add New Counter Sale. A pop-up will appear; the location will auto-populate, if it's the correct location, then enter your customer and select OK to proceed. 
There are fields to modify the Date of the sale, enter the Customers PO number, a reference number, and an Internal PO.  You can also enter the Sales Rep, the Shipping information, or enter any notes you may need. 
Scan or enter any Parts you wish to add to the sale
You can also create a New Part if needed.
The information for the part will display on the right-hand side, including the part location if stored in the system. 
Click on Add Part to add the Part to the Counter Sale. The order qty, charge qty, and charge can be modified at any point while the Counter Sale is open. 
The Counter Sale system will show you the current on-hands for any part, however, it does not take this into account when issuing the part to the RO. 

When the Part is not currently in stock

In some instances, you might use a catch-all part for Special Orders as opposed to entering each part into the Part Master separately.  Or, it may be that you've run out of stock on an item.  
The on-hand shows as 0 for this warehouse
It will add the entered quantity amount to both the Order and the Charge columns
In this instance, change the Charge column to 0. This will create a Back Order in the system. 

Back Orders

The required Parts can be ordered from the Counter Sale. Click on Order Parts, enter the Vendor and use the checkboxes to mark which parts you'd like to order. The quantities will be imported from the Counter Sale. Click Submit/Print PO to finalize the order.
You can also attach this order to an already exisiting PO by moving the radial and selecting from the drop down menu
After submitting, clicking on Order Parts will show which Parts have been ordered and which PO they're attached to. 
This can also be viewed under Counter Sale Manager-> Back Orders. By default, only Back Orders that can be fulfilled will be shown
Uncheck Show Parts with On-hands only to view all backorders

Taxes and Surcharges 

Taxes and Surcharges can be viewed or affected by clicking on their respective Hyperlinks

Other Functions



Allows you to save the Counter Sale. It will be listed on the main To Be Invoiced page

Pick List

 Prints a list of Parts for the Employee to reference while putting the order together - includes part locations in warehouse


Turns the Counter Sale into an Estimate. These can be distinguished on the front screen using the Status drop-down menu. It also provides an Estimate copy for your customer.

Invoicing the Counter Sale

If the Invoice Date is different from the Sale Date, it can be affected in the lower left-hand corner of the window. 

If parts have not been received 

Then the invoice will only charge for the Parts the customer is able to purchase at the time.  
Another Counter Sale would need to be created when the Parts come in. This can be done from the Back Orders tab by selecting Create CS when available

If all Parts are On-Hand

If the Order QTY and Charge QTY columns match
Then the subtotal will include all parts on the RO
After pressing Invoice, a Sale Invoice will generate
If the report goes to the queue, it can be found under Reports-> Report History