How to create a Customer

This article will detail how to create a Customer within EMDECS. There are multiple screens that have the ability to create a new Customer, sometimes referred to as Owner, so that it can be done on the fly.

Administration-> Customer

This is the main screen to view customers from - it will automatically include any inactive Customers as well. 
Click on +Add Customer to start. The system denotes any required information with an asterisk. In this case, only a Code, Description, and the Country are required. 
Once this information is filled in, click OK. You can fill in the rest of the information at any point. 
Customer Codes must be Unique and can not exceed 12 alphanumeric characters.
Once created, you can click on the Name displayed in your Customer list to add more information, set specific contract rates or taxes, and even enter contact information to email your customers when invoicing. 


Other pages where Customers can be created


Fleet-> Unit Master-> +New Unit-> +New Owner



Service-> Service Board-> +Check In -> +New Unit -> +New Owner



Service-> Complete RO-> +New RO -> +New Unit -> +New Owner



Parts-> Counter Sale Manager-> +Add New Counter Sale -> +New