How to create SRTs

SRTs, or Service Repair Times, are a great way to hardcode labour lines within EMDECS. SRTs allow you to set fixed prices or attach parts for quicker entry when filling out an RO.

Service-> SRT Guide

You can create multiple SRTs, as well as modify them, from this screen. Think of these as headers or folders to store groups of similar SRTs together. An SRT is only active once approved. If you see the Approve button, then this is either a brand new SRT (if there's only one line) or it's in the Revision process (when there's two lines)
Clicking on Detail or Summary will give you a quick report of everything contained within the SRT folder


Creating a New SRT

Click on Add SRT to begin. A pop-up will appear to give it a name and effective date.  There are two radial choices to make: To either start from scratch or copy an existing SRT, and what will drive the SRT. 
Once the information is filled in, click on Save/Exit
SRT Groups can be added from this pop-up, or to view go to Administration-> Standard Codes-> Equipment-> SRT Groups


Creating SRT Categories

Click on the SRT name 
If Revising an SRT, click on Revise and then the SRT name from the first of the two lines
A page will open to allow you to create your Categories. Click on +Add SRT Category
These are the Icons and Names that can be seen from the Service Tab when adding Labour to an RO
enter the name and select the corresponding Icon you wish to use; click OK when done.
If happy with your selection, click Save/Exit
The category will appear with (0) beside the name, to denote there are no current SRTs set under it
Click on the Icon to proceed. 


Adding Labour ( and Parts) to an SRT

To go back to any of the SRT pages, use the hyperlinks in the top left corner. To begin, add a labour line to the SRT
A list of VMRS codes will appear, similar to adding labour to an RO. Find the labour you would like to code in
Clicking on the green + will open a pop-up. This will allow you to enter the information for the labour. 
This is the only time the Standard Hours for the labour can be set
Once completed, click OK
The information for the labour will now show on the right-hand side
If you want to add more labour lines, they can be searched and added as well. Once ready, click on Add to save the information to the SRT.
The only information that can be altered now is the charging method (fixed/unit/hr), or the Warranty, Labour, and Parts amounts. You can also toggle the option to charge a shop supply rate with this labour.
These fields can be used to hardcode a specific price for the labour and parts, regardless of how long the Tech takes to complete the work or what's used from the inventory. The Parts Margin won't populate unless there are Parts associated to the Labour. 


To attach Parts to an SRT

To attach Parts to the SRT, make sure the correct labour line is highlighted above.  Click on Included Parts to begin
Search the part and enter the quantity typically used for this labour. Clicking on Add Parts moves it from the top of the window to the bottom
Click OK when all parts have been attached
The parts will appear on the SRT, along with the Part Margin. In this example, the set Part price gives us a 500% markup amount on the part. 

Other available tabs to modify the SRT

Units :   Specify additional individual units that can use the new SRT.  
Exclude Units :   Specify additional individual units that cannot use the new SRT. 
Make & Model :   Specify additional equipment makes and models that can use the SRT.  
PM Schedules :   Link existing customer PM schedules to the SRT.   This will reset the maintenance scheduled when the SRT repair work is completed.  
Surcharge :   Add fixed surcharges to the SRT.  
Override by Contract :   Add exceptions to labor rates based on customer contracts.   For example, if you have a preferred labor rate for some customers, you can add this override to make an exception.  
Override by Facility :   If your company performs repairs in multiple shop locations, a facility override can set different labor pricing in your different markets.

Approving the SRT

Return to the main SRT page and look for the SRT folder name in the list. An Approve button will be present in the line; selecting this opens a pop-up to set the effective date before approving the SRT. 
Now, the SRT can be used to build an RO.


Adding the SRT to an RO

Select +Add Labour
The first tab to display contains all of your SRTs. Find the Icon for the Category you would like to use
Click on the + for the labour you wish to add to the RO
If parts were attached, a pop-up will appear to ask if you'd like to include them
The quantity can be changed if need be. Click the box to select the parts to include, then press Select
The labour will display on the right-hand side. A hyperlink for the Included Parts can be seen at the bottom of the labour
Now the labour and parts will appear on the RO with the hardcoded SRT information
SRT rates are only considered when using the Service Programs tab when adding labour. If you'd like the VMRS code to charge at the normal labour rates, select it from the VMRS tab instead.