How to Delete a Repair Order Invoice when the Transaction has been Journalized

You may come across this message when tying to delete a repair order invoice. 
 " This transaction has been journalized in GL000415."
This means that this repair order has been journalized in a GL batch already and possibly exported to another accounting software.
Note: Please note if the transaction/GL batch was already exported to another accounting software you may need to delete the invoice there as well so you do not end up with multiple invoices for the same transaction
To delete the invoice first you need to delete the jounral entries for the existing invoice.
Click on the GL Batch number in the Repair Order screen.
In the pop-up click on Delete Journal Entries.
To confirm you want to delete the invoice from the GL batch click Yes.
Now you can click Delete Customer Invoice and enter the reason why you need to delete the invoice. 
Click Delete Customer Invoice to confirm the deletion.
Now the invoice is deleted and you can make changes to the repair order before invoicing it again.
Note: Please note that you need to generate journals again or re-journalize the GL batch once you've invoiced the repair order again.