How to edit Tech Time Stamps

This article will detail how to add, correct, reallocate or delete Technician time stamps in the EMDECS system.

Service-> Complete RO-> Time Sheet
The only parameter required to run this is the Start Date, which is pre-set to midnight of that day. Press Search to pull up the information. 

To Add a Technician Time Stamp

In instances where the Technician has forgotten to end their day, you may need to add Time Stamps to the system to make corrections, as there will be times that a Time Stamp can not be altered or deleted due to the status of the previous line. 
Add an ED (End Day) stamp to just after the last time entered in the system
The system will automatically turn the next code into an SD (Start Day)  if possible. 

To Correct a Technician Time Stamp

If a Technician has forgotten to clock out or change labours, this can be corrected by clicking on the Time Stamp in the Start Column to view all details. You can update the time either by typing in the correction
or using the calendar function
When done, click Update Scanned Time. The Time Stamp and Actual Hours will update to reflect the changes

To Reallocate a Technician Time Stamp

Click on the date/time in the Start column for the line you wish to change. A window will open displaying all of the details
Click Allocate Technician Time to Other Labour at the bottom of the pop-up. Another window will appear displaying all currently Open or Ready repair orders in the system. Use the search in the upper-right hand corner to narrow down the results. 
Press Select at the end of the line you wish to reallocate the time to. The window will close and the time stamp will now show the labour it was reallocated to

To Delete a Technician Time Stamp

Click the Red X at the end of the line
A pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to cancel, Allocate the time to another Labour or proceed with the deletion. It will also warn if other time stamps will be affected by your change. 
Select Yes, delete scanned time to continue. The window will close and the time stamp will be gone. The labour line previous to it will have updated as well.