How to Fix Tech RO Login Errors

Sometimes when you login to Tech RO using the Badge ID , you may encounter errors. Listed below are the errors and how to fix them.
To learn more about how to set up a new technician in EMDECS please refer to this article Service Manager - How to add a Technician/setup a new Technician

1. You do not have access to this feature. Please contact your Administrator.

When you encounter this error, this means that the Technician license has not been assigned to the employee.
To assign the Technician license go to Administration > User Accounts Employee Manager
Once you have found the employee that is experiencing this error go to the Security tab and click Add Software
 Click on the TechnicianEMDECS license then click Add.
Now you can see under the Software section, the Technician license is assigned to this Employee.
If you do not have sufficient licenses available you will need to purchase additional licenses. 
Note: Software is what controls the Users access in the system, and should only be assigned as needed.  Some are unlimited, and some are issued by User. If you find you require any additional licenses, please contact the CX Team by submitting a ticket to or giving us a call at 1-877-848-8817.
Admin / Manager License: $125.00 USD per month ($165.00 CAD)
Technician License: $69.00 USD per month ($90.00 CAD)

2. Employee does not exist

    • This error can also appear if the Employee Badge ID starts with a letter "E".
      • To fix this simply put another "E" before the Employee Badge ID when typing in the ID in the Tech RO
        • The reason why the system is not accepting the badge ID "EFELIX" is due to the E at the start of the ID. The system reads/translates badge IDs with an E before the ID. For example, if you enter the badge ID: RUSTY the system reads that as E-RUSTY. Similarly if you put in EFELIX, the system reads that as E-FELIX, so the system is looking for the employee with the ID of FELIX, however it will not find it due to there being no employee with the ID of FELIX. So inputting EEFELIX into the Tech RO will allow the user to sign in successfully
      • Another option is to remove the E from the front of the ID and/or change the ID entirely.

Edit an Employee Badge ID

To edit an Employee Badge ID go to Administration > User Accounts Employee Manager
Find the employee profile and under the Details Tab click the Edit button.
You can edit the Employee Number field then click Save/Exit.

3. Employee is not setup for employee type MECHANIC

To fix this error you need to assign the Type as Mechanic to the employee.
Go to AdministrationUser Accounts > Employee Manager
Look for the employee getting the error and go into the Types tab and click on Add Type 
Set the Effective Date, choose Mechanic as the Type, then click Add. Now the Tech should be able to login successfully

4. Repair location is not assigned to employee 

If a technician cannot access a repair location the location(s) need to be assigned to the employee and user profiles.
Note: Repair Locations must be added to both the User profile and the Employee profile for the technician to have access to multiple locations
  1.       The default repair location must also be assigned to all employees which need access to multiple locations

Assign Repair Locations to Employees

To assign locations to Employees go to to AdministrationUser Accounts > Employee Manager
Search for the Employee, click on the Locations tab then click + Add Location.
Select the Location and choose a From Date and To Date. Then click Add.
Note: The To Date should be far enough in the future that it will not expire while the Tech requires access to the badge

Assign Repair Locations to Users

To assign locations to Users go to to AdministrationUser Accounts > User Manager
Search for the User, click on the Regions/Repair Locations tab then click Add Repair Location.
Select the Location and choose the Effective Date. Then click Add.