How To Import Equipment Units

In this article we will cover how to download and upload our Unit Import Template, allowing you to create or update units in bulk.
1. Open the Fleet menu → Unit Master →  then open the Import Equipment Units tab.
2. Click on the Download Template button to download the template file for importing the unit list.
3. Populate the download template with the unit list.  Columns with bold headings (Customer Code, Equipment number, and Description) are required.  Cells left blank will not be uploaded or change existing records.
4. Click on the Choose File button to select your prepared unit import file.
5. Browse to the directory on your computer where the file is located, select it, and click Open.
6. The file name will be displayed.  Click Import to continue.
7. An Import Units screen will pop-up to advise the process has been started.  Click OK.
8. Click the Refresh button to refresh the status and progress details. Once completed, the status will display Complete, 100%, along with the number of records imported and the number of records that could not be imported due to errors.
9. Any import errors will be listed by clicking on the Number of Errors Hyperlink.


10. Once you have corrected the errors listed in the original file, you can simply repeat this process from Step 4.