How to Import Unit Readings

To import unit readings (i.e. odometer. engine hours, hubodometer, etc.), complete the following steps:
1. Open the Fleet menu and select Unit Master.
2. Select the Import Readings tab.
3. Click on the Download Template button.
4. Fill in each column with the relevant data. Note you can only upload 1 reading Type at a time, which is selected in step 6.
5. After populating your template file with data, click Import.
6. The following data needs to be selected:
Reading Type:  Select the appropriate reading type from the drop-down list.
Date Format:  Select DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY
Time Format:  Select HH24:MI (for 24 hour format with hours and minutes) or HH:MI AM (for 12 hour format with AM/PM)
Then click on the Choose File button.
7. Browse to the directory where your reading import file is located, select it, and click Open.
8. Click Import to process the import.
9. The amount of readings imported correctly show under the Records Imported column.


10. If there are import errors, they will be displayed under the Data Errors column, click on the number to open the error reasoning.

A common error when importing readings is to enter a value lower than the most recent reading in the system.   For example, a truck with a 100,000 mile odometer reading yesterday would not accept a new reading of only 80,000 miles today.

Fixing Unit Reading Import Errors

If you need to fix reading errors, select the unit on the Unit Master screen (open the Fleet menu → Unit Master), search for an click on a unit, then open the Readings tab.  In the Readings panel you can view existing readings, reset the reading, add new readings, or add a new meter if a new odometer was installed, for example.