How to Schedule a Report

This article details how to schedule a report within EMDECS.

Any report under the Reports menu can be scheduled. When scheduled, the system will automatically generate and send the report through email to your inbox. 
There are multiple Report Categories to choose from; select the Category on the left to see all available reports in the middle pane. The right-most pane contains the parameters and schedule control for the Report.
The line will highlight under Categories or Available Reports to display which line you've currently selected.

To Schedule a Report

Click on Schedule Report to open the wizard. The first page will ask you when you'd like to begin the schedule and how often you would like it to run.
A small summary will display on the screen


The parameters for the report are the same as what was viewed from the main Report page. 
The only difference is how the Date Range is displayed. When running the report from the main Report page, a specific date range (From and To) needs to be set. When scheduling a report, you would choose how many days back from the date the report is run. This ensures that each report contains a different set of data. 
Only fields marked with an are required


To receive the scheduled report, add all relevant emails to the list. Enter the email into the field and click on the green + symbol. The email should appear in the box below once successfully added.  If you would like all recipients to be on the main mailing line, remove the checkmark for Send to first address, CC remaining.


The final page of the setup wizard displays the Schedule and Address summary of the scheduled report. If everything is correct, click on Schedule Report to action.
A small message will pop up in the bottom right-hand corner to show that it's been actioned. 

Viewing Scheduled Reports

Clicking on Scheduled Reports will show you all the reports that you have currently scheduled.
You are unable to see or alter reports scheduled by other Users.
Click on an instance to view the wizard or make changes to the scheduled report. Click Cancel to exit if no changes were made; click Reschedule Report if changes need to be saved.

Receiving the Report

The report will appear in your email inbox from a noreply address. The User who scheduled the report is named in the Subject Line and within the email itself. The report will be attached.

Deleting the Report

If you no longer need this report, right click on an instance to see the delete option
You'll be asked to confirm the deletion request
All of the reports - even ones that have already ran - will be deleted from the schedule

Report History

The Scheduled Report can be viewed under Reports->Report History as well. The history displays any reports run within the last 7 days by your User.