How to Transfer a Unit

To transfer a Unit from one Customer to another go to Fleet > Unit Master Transfer Unit

The next steps need to be done in a sequence.
  1. Select the Transfer Unit # (Unit you would like to transfer)
  2. Select the Transfer to Owner (Owner you would like to transfer the unit to)
  3. Select the Transfer To PM Group (Optional: PM Group to assign the Unit to)
  4. Select the Transfer Date (When this transfer is effective)
  5. Check the Transfer all repair orders checkbox if you'd like the RO history of the unit to get transferred as well
  6. Input a Reason for the Unit Transfer
Note: Any fields marked with an asterisk * is mandatory to fill in 
When you are finished inputting the information, click on the Transfer Unit button to complete the transfer.
Now when you search for the Unit # you can see the Owner column show the New Owner.

View Unit Transfer History 

To view Unit Transfer History go to Fleet Unit Master 
Search for the Unit and click on the Transfer History tab.
This tab will display the previous transfer Date and Old/New Owner information.