How to Transfer Parts to Another Warehouse

An inventory transfer can be performed to move parts from one inventory warehouse to another. 
To start a transfer, go to  Parts >  Inventory Transfer
In the Open Transfers tab click on + Add New Transfer
Select the From Warehouse and To Warehouse.
Next, select if the transfer will include Standard parts, Serialized parts, or Tires then click OK.
Select a Transfer Type:
  • An Immediate transfer moves the parts over immediately
  • An In Transit transfer indicates that the parts are being shipped and need to be received on the other end.  The part inventory levels will not be changed until someone at the receiving warehouse completes the receiving on their end.
In the Part # field search for the part you'd like to transfer. Adjust the Quantity then click Add Part. Repeat this to generate the rest of your parts list.
If you click on Print Labels, you will be given the option to print labels for the parts you are transferring.
If you click on Save/Exit the transfer will be listed in the Open Transfers tab. This will remain here until you Void the transfer or complete it.
After clicking Transfer in the Transfer Parts screen your transfer is complete and the on-hand values will be updated. 
You will also get a PDF pop-up showing the summary of the transfer.
To view previous transfer history go to the Inventory Transfer History tab. Use the filters to view a list of previouis transfers.

How to Receive In-Transit Transfers in the Inventory Transfer Menu

If you chose In Transit transfer you can go to the In-transit Transfers tab to finish receiving the parts and complete the transfer. Click on the Receive button.
You can edit the Transit Date and the Receiving Quantity. Click Receive Transfer to complete the tranfer and update the on-hand values.

How to Receive In-Transit Transfers in the Parts Menu

You can also receive In-transit transfers by going to Parts > Receive Parts
In the Outstanding Receiving tab click on the Transfers radio dial. Select the Warehouse and Date then click Search.
Click the Receive button to complete the transfer and update the on-hand values.