How to Void a Sublet

This article will detail how to void a Sublet RO from EMDECS.

Similar to Part Purchase Orders,  a sublet can only be voided before invoicing. 
Locate the Sublet. Any work order with a sublet attached will show an asterisk on the Purchasing tab as well as listing it under either the labour or part associated to the purchase order.
Go to the Purchasing tab to view all sublets associated to the RO. Click on the PO# to view the sublet details
You can remove lines from the sublet by clicking on the Red X at the end of the line and then the garbage can
To void the sublet entirely, click on Void Purchase Order and enter the appropriate reason.
The system will take you back to the Purchasing tab. The asterisk by the tab name is gone, denoting there is no longer a PO associated to this work order