How to Void an RO

This article will detail the process to void an RO from the Complete RO screens in EMDECS.

ROs can only be voided under the Ready to Submit radial

Ready to Submit

Under the Ready to Submit (or Ready) status, click on the Reference number to open the RO
while in this status, the Void RO button is present in the upper right-hand corner.


ROs under this radial have been sent for Approval
While in this status, the RO is locked. The Approver would need to return the RO before changes can be made


The ROs under this radial would also be locked, as once approved, no changes can be made. ROs do not typically stay under this radial for long. 


If the RO has been invoiced, the invoice would need to be deleted in order to re-open the RO and move it back to the Ready to Submit radial. There are two ways this can be done. The first is from the Summary to the right.
If you're unable to find an invoice, widen the date range and/or use the search bar. If still unable, please contact the CX team for further assistance.
The second is from inside the invoiced RO
If you open the RO to void the invoice, it will immediately become editable without having to switch radials. 

If the RO is Journalized

If the RO is already in a GL batch, the GL batch would need to be deleted first. After voiding the RO, the GL Batch can be re-journalized if other items were included. 
Please inform your accounting team if this step is required. Batches are often exported and the information may need to be updated in the external Financial program to reflect the changes in EMDECS. 


The Closed status is similar to Invoiced. The RO can be reopened from the Summary 
or from within the RO itself


This is where your voided ROs can be found in the system