Label Printer - QZ Tray

This article walks through the setup for QZ Tray and EMDECS for printing Part Labels

Please Note: EMDECS Kona will only support label printers that are compatible with the QZ Tray application. Please navigate to to view the most up-to-date compatible print languages
If a customer has a Zebra label printer that is compatible with QZ Tray, they can print part labels from within Kona. This uses a third-party supporting application called QZ Tray which must be installed on the computer which is being used to print the labels. We have confirmed that this can be done from the following Windows browsers, and in theory should work with any other:
  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Edge


Checking if QZ Tray Needs to be Installed

Go to any screen which has a label printer icon; an example would be Parts > Part Master:


Click the printer icon of the part whose label you would like. If QZ Tray is installed (and the label printer is attached) a label should print immediately. If, however, it is not installed, a message will eventually appear asking you to download and install it. Two notes about this: first, the message does not appear right away – there will be a delay of 15-30 seconds before Kona determines that it can’t access the printer. Second, the exact wording of the message shown in this screenshot below is not the one you may see, as it is being changed to be more friendly. The “<server name> says:” part will be the same, however.


Installing QZ Tray

If the user points their browser at the suggested URL ( then they will see this; the first highlighted option in green is the one they want. Note that if enough time has passed since this document was created the version number may have changed, but that should make no difference to users:


Please note that there is a version of this software also available for Macs. Click the “Show All Systems” link visible in the previous screenshot to show download buttons for them. At the time of the writing we have not confirmed that Macs can successfully print labels from Kona, but we are working on it.

Once the install file is downloaded, double-click it as usual for installing software. QZ Tray uses a typical install wizard. You do not need to change any setting in it, so just keep clicking through until the process is finished:


Once installed, try printing a label again. A one-time permissions dialog box will pop up:


Select the “Remember this decision” option then click Allow. At this point a label should print.

From this point onwards, labels should print from any Kona screen with a label printer icon to click, no questions asked. It will also work with this checkbox option in Receiving Parts:



Configuring QZ Tray

QZ Tray can be found in the Windows icon tray at the far right of the task bar (near the clock):


Right-clicking this will bring up a list of options, of which the most useful are “Automatically start” (which should be on so that the first label printed after restarting the computer does not have a delay before it prints) and Advanced > Site Manager…


Using the Site Manager lets you see which web sites can print labels without showing the confirmation dialog (in other words, any site where the user has previously selected “Remember this decision” before allowing a label to print).


If need be, a site can be removed from the list by clicking it and then pressing Delete on the keyboard.

Troubleshooting (internal)

This will be updated with known issues relating to printing.
1. Global System Parameter (LABEL_PRINTER_SELECTION) not setup
This is a GSP which isn't typically used, If you're unable to print it might need to be setup. You'll want to go Perfit > Security Setup > GSP's,
From here you'll want to set the parameter to be the name of the clients printer, for example (FS-10423). This user was unable to print until this GSP was filled in with ZDesigner TLP 2844 (Copy 1)
The client was then able to print without error.