Mobile App for Technicians: Initial Setup - Signing In and Menus

This article will show you how to sign into the EMDECS Mobile App and provide an overview of the Menus.

Signing In

1. When you first open the Mobile App you will see this screen. Click on SIGN IN to proceed to the sign in screen.
2. Type in the Username and Password the click SIGN IN.
At the bottom of the Sign In page there are 3 hyperlinks. 
      - "Privacy Policy" will take you to the BrightOrder Privacy Policy in an internet browser.
      - "About EMDECS" will take you to the BrightOrder website with more information about EMDECS
      - "Support" will take you to our EMDECS help site


1. When you sucessfully sign into the Mobile App, you will see this main screen showing the 4 main modules. 
Please note not all employees will see all 4 modules when using the Mobile App. 
            - Technician or TechnicianEMDECS software will give you access to the Repair Order module
            - TechMobilePM software will give you access to the PM Inspection module.
            - TechPortalCircleCheck and the Driver software will give you access to the Circle Check module
      1. Repair Order: Where technicians can log their work done on repair orders 
      2. PM Inspection: Where technicians can fill out and submit PM Inspections attached to repair orders
      3. Circle Check: Where drivers and technicians can submit Circle Check Inspections regularly
      4. Repair History: Global VIN lookup for EMDECS Owner Operators 
2.  Click on the T in the top right corner to see User Information or to Sign Out. Click the arrow in the left corner to go back to the main screen.
3. Clicking on the icon with 3 lines in the left corner will take you to a shortcut screen.
4. If you have calling capabilities on your device clicking "Call Us" will take you to your keypad with the CX Team support number pre-filled. 
5. Clicking on "Log a Ticket" will take you to the EMDECS help site.
If you want to log a ticket scroll down to the bottom of the website and click Submit a Ticket.
6. The "Help Topics" shortcut is currently unavailable. 
Note: You can use the Log a Ticket shortcut previously mentioned in #5, to go to the EMDECS help site.