Mobile App Setup for Managers: Creating Employees

This article will provide a walkthrough on how to create employees for technicians in EMDECS.
This is a one time setup required to give technicians access to TechRO and the EMDECS Mobile App.

Create an Employee

1. Go to Administration > User Accounts > Employee Manager
The Employee Manager is where you can edit and create Employee profiles. Employee profiles are needed for Technicians using TechRO and the Mobile App.
2. To create a new employee click on + New Employee.
3. In the pop-up input the Employee Number/Badge ID, Last Name, and Start Date.  Filling in the other fields are optional.

Assign Type and Location

For Technicians, you will need to set their Type and Location. This gives them access to TechRO and allows them to show up in reports and scheduling.
1. Go to Administration > User Accounts > Employee Manager
2. To assign a Type click on the Employee, then click on the Type tab. Click + Add Type and in the pop-up select an Effective Date and set the Type as Mechanic. When finished click Add.
3. To assign a Location click on the Employee, then click on the Locations tab. Click + Add Location and in the pop-up select the location from the drop down and input the From and To Dates. When finished click Add.
Note: The To Date should be far enough in the future that it will not expire while the Technician requires access to the badge and TechRO.

Assign Software

Once the Employee is made, the software needs to be added to give access to the proper menus in EMDECS.
1. To assign software to an employee go to Administration > User Accounts > Employee Manager

2. Use the Search to find the employee and click on it. Then click the Security tab and click on Add Software.
3.  To give technican access to TechRO and the Mobile App they need to be assigned the TechnicianEMDECS or the Technician software.
Make sure it is highlighted in blue then click Add.
Note: Software is what controls the Employees access in the system, and should only be assigned as needed.  Some are unlimited, and some are issued by User. If you find you require any additional licenses, please contact the CX Team by submitting a ticket to or giving us a call at 1-877-848-8817.

Standard License Pricing:
            Admin/Manager License: $125.00 USD per month ($165.00 CAD)
             Technician License: $69.00 USD per month ($90.00 CAD)
3. If a Technician needs access to PM Inspections and Circle Check within the Mobile App, assign the following unlimited licenses to their employee profile.
            1. TechMobilePM
            2. TechPortalCircleCheck

Note: If you do not have these options listed please contact the CX Team by submitting a ticket to or giving us a call at 1-877-848-8817.

Assigning a User to an Employee (Optional)

If each Technician has their own Username and Password you can assign their User to their Employee profile.
Doing this will automatically sign the employee into the TechRO upon logging in.
1. To assign a User to an Employee go to Administration > User Accounts > Employee Manager

2. Search for and click on the Employee then under the Details tab, click on the Assign hyperlink. In the pop-up search for the correct Username, select it and click Assign.
Now your technician will be able to sign into the TechRO and the Mobile App using their username and password and Employee Badge ID.
Note: Please note that technicians also needs user login credentials to fully access TechRO and the Mobile App.
Please refer to the Creating Users lesson to setup users for technicians.