Parent/Child Repair Orders (Video)

In this article we cover how parent / child relationships can be created between your repair orders in EMDECS. This is a useful tool for splitting up large repair jobs that are completed in stages and invoiced at completion.

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  1. Parent/child relationships can be set up on the Complete RO screen.  To access Complete RO, open the Service menu and select Complete RO.
  2. Click on the parent repair order number, or use the  New RO  button to start a new repair order to act as the parent.
  3. Open the  Parent/Child  tab.
  4. Use the  Parent  or  Child  radio buttons to set a repair order as the parent or child.
  5. After selecting Parent, a list of available open repair orders will be displayed in a pop-up window.  Clicking on the green pluses will select child repair orders and move them to the list on the right-hand side.  Click on the link button at the bottom of the screen when done.
  6. If you selected the child radio button, the pop up window would prompt you to select the parent repair order from the list of open repairs.
  7. If you need to remove any child linkages, click on the red X:

    Then click on the trash bin icon to remove them:

  8. Child repair orders do not have an invoice option.  To finalize them, click on  Complete RO .
  9. After any child repairs are  Completed , the parent repair order can be invoiced by clicking on the  Invoice  button.
  10. The invoiced parent repair order will list all child repair orders with the parent, and charge the total of all repairs.