Part Locations: How to Add/Edit or Remove within EMDECS

This article will detail how to remove, edit, or deactivate Part Locations within EMDECS.

Parts-> Part Master - How to Add/Edit or make Inactive

When posting a Physical Count in EMDECS, if no location is listed for the part, a blank location will be inserted. To modify the blank listing, click on the notes within Part Master under the Stock Availability tab
Using the +Add Location button will allow you to enter multiple locations for the same part within 1 warehouse
Even if there are multiple lines, none of the  locations are able to be deleted here. Instead, they are marked as inactive and changed to a red line when clicking the Red X and then the Garbage Can
You can reactivate the location again by using the Active Checkbox in the edit box

Warehouse Manager - How to delete Locations

To delete the locations, this must be done from Administration-> Warehouse Manager-> Part Locations
Clicking on the Red X here will remove the location from the specific warehouse selected at the top
Now, when returning to the Part Master, there are no locations showing for this part