Part Promotional Pricing

How to set promo pricing for your parts

​Another tool EMDECS provides for setting part pricing is the Promotional Pricing screen.  Promotional Pricing was designed to be used as a tool for creating sales promotions with reduced part prices, typically for a limited time. ( i.e. Sales, Inventory Blow-outs etc)
Please note:  When promotional pricing is set, EMDECS will ignore all other parts contracts and overrides unless the promotional price is higher than the customer's existing price.  The lowest price will be used.  For example, if you have a family discount contract that sells parts at cost to your friends and family, they will continue to get their 0% markup instead of promotional pricing that would be higher than what they currently pay.
To create a sales promotion, open the Parts menu → Part Master → Promotional Pricing tab → then click on Add Promotion .
Enter a description, effective and expiry dates.  Notes are optional.  In the bottom pane, search for a location where the promotion is taking place and click Add .  Multiple locations can be added.
Click Save / Exit at the bottom of the screen when you're done adding locations.
To add parts to the promotion, select the promotion in the promotions list, then search for a part, enter its promotional price, and click Add .  Repeat these steps to add additional parts to the promotion.
When you are done adding parts, you can click on the Print button at the top to print a promotional flyer.  Click Activate to start the promotion (on the effective date) or click Void to cancel / void a promotion.
Example of promotion flyer printout: