Password Reset

This article will assist in resetting your password or, as an Admin, you can reset the passwords of others to regain access to EMDECS.

Users are able to reset their own passwords without relying on a password reset email that may be caught by spam or content filters. 

If you know your current Password

In the right-hand corner of any screen in EMDECS, you will find the Preferences button
This will open a pop-up, allowing you to enter the current password, a new one, and confirm it
You can also update your contact information here for your employer. 

If you do not recall your Password

You can go to Administration-> User Manager-> Select User -> Edit and either Reset or Expire the password
Resetting the Password
This will only ask you for the new password and to confirm it
Expiring the Password 
If you select Expire Password Now, it will force the User to create a new password the next time they sign in. The Password Expiry will update to show the Date and Time after this has been selected

Administrative Users-> Resetting the Password for Others

Administrative Users are able to use the User Manager to reset other Users' passwords as well; due to this, please verify the username that you are affecting.
 Administration-> User Manager-> Select User -> Edit and Reset the password
As depicted below, the logged-in User is Lita, however, they are going to change the password for Alex.