Physical Count (Inventory Count)

This article explains how to create and post a physical count of your on hand inventory.

Create a New Physical Count

  1. Open the Parts menu and select Physical Count.

  2. The Physical Count screen lists any open counts that have not yet been posted. To continue with an existing physical count, click on the count number. If you have multiple inventory warehouses, ensure that the correct warehouse is selected from the drop-down list. Each physical count is tied to a specific inventory warehouse.

  3. To begin a new physical count, click on Add New Count.

  4. Select the inventory warehouse where the count is being performed and click OK.

  5. A unique physical count number will be generated and displayed at the top left-hand corner.

  6. In the top pane, a part location, part number, and quantity can be entered to be added to the count. If you are using a hand scanner instead of keyboard entry, click on the Barcode Icon.  In scan method mode, EMDECS will recognize locations and part numbers entered using your barcode scanner.

  7. To set a location for the parts being counted, click on Set Count Location, then enter the Store Room, Row, Shelf, and/or Bin numbers and click the Set Count Location button to save the location.

  8. Once the count location is set, start typing in the part number being counted. EMDECS will search automatically and display results in a drop-down list. Click on the part number.

  9. Enter the quantity of parts counted and click Count.

  10. The counted part is added to the physical count part list.

  11. To change the part count location, click on the red X icon.  Then you can select a new location to continue with your count.

Generate List of Parts to Count

Alternatively, instead of entering part locations and part numbers as you move around your warehouse counting them, you can generate a list of parts to be counted, count and record the quantities on paper, then return to the computer later to complete your data entry. 

  1. Click on Generate List of Parts.

  2. The list of parts can be generated based on the part location, count cycle, product group, inventory class and line, or the preferred vendor, and can be sorted by up to three different options. Users may also choose options on the right-hand side to include parts based on the active status, stock status, and transaction history.

  3. For example, options can be selected to sort alphabetically by part number and product group, then click Generate to create the list to count.

  4. In the example below, the generated list of parts has been added with the default count set to 0:

  5. Click the Print Count Sheet button to create a PDF file for printing.

  6. The count sheet contains blank spaces for you to enter counts with pen and paper.


UPC Barcode

  1. To associate a part with a third party vendor UPC barcode, click on Add UPC Barcode.

  2. Scan the barcode with a barcode scanner, enter a quantity of parts in the package, and click OK to save.

Post Physical Count

  1. After all part counts have been entered, click on Post. If you need to step away and come back later, you can click Save and pick up where you left off later.

  2. To finalize and post the physical count, select an effective date and time and click Post to finalize the count. Here you have the option decide what happens to blanks in the count sheet, you can ignore them, which will leave it to the on hand that was present before. Or you can set them to 0. Before setting to 0 be sure that you want to 0 out the counts, once closed the PC cannot be opened.


History Tab

From the History tab, users can review previous physical counts. Click on any Count # to drill down.


Warehouse Part Locations

Warehouse part locations can be found in the Warehouse Manager
Open Administration > Warehouse Manager



Navigate to Part Locations

Here you can see a list of Parts that currently have locations and can add locations to any Parts that don't by clicking on Add Part Locations

After Clicking on add parts you can select any parts you want to assign to a location, and then on the bottom ty