PM Service Due

This article discusses the PM Service Due report found under Fleet-> PM Service Due in EMDECS

Fleet-> PM Service Due

The screen will automatically load with any Units that are overdue for a PM Service, in order from the highest to lowest Remaining Days.
The slide bars at the top of the screen will allow you to check for any units coming due within a specified range. 
Days: increments of 5 
Readings: increments of 500
The returns on the screen can be narrowed down further by using any of the parameters located on the screen.
🔍 click on the magnifying glass next to the parameter to access the advanced search for that type


Viewing the Data

When exporting this report, any changes made to the screen/columns will not carry over to the XLS document
The columns can be reorganized on screen by dragging and dropping them to the desired location
Most columns on screen can be sorted by Ascending or Descending order. Hover over the name of the column to see the arrows.
Using the View button, columns can be reordered or removed from view.  Clicking the name of the column will remove the column from the screen.
Detaching the table gives you a larger view of the report



To export the report, click on the export button. A copy will download to your computer as an XLS file.