Preventative Maintenance Schedules in the Unit Master

Assign Units to a PM Schedule

1. After creating maintenance groups and schedules, they need to be tied to units in EMDECS.  To assign units to PM services, open the Fleet menu and select Unit Master.

2. Search for and click on the appropriate unit number.
3. Check that the unit has been initialized with an In Service Date .  This is required in order for EMDECS to know when PM services based on a time interval will be first due.  Click Initialize if there is no in service date is set.
4. In the pop-up window, select the in service date by clicking on the calendar icon.  If the unit's maintenance is also tied to readings, click Add Reading and enter the current reading values under Initial Readings .
5. Once a unit is initialized, select the appropriate PM Group from the drop-down list.

Maintenance Due, History and Setup

1. After assigning a maintenance schedule, you can open the PM tab in the Unit Master Settings and view upcoming maintenance from the Maintenance Due tab.
2. The History tab will show you the previously completed PM's. In this screen you can also add any external PM's which is outlined in the next section of this article.
3. The Setup tab will give you an overview of the PM Schedules assigned to this Unit.

Add External PM History

1. Maintenance history is displayed on the History tab.  If the unit has prior PM service history that was not entered in repair orders in EMDECS, or if a PM is done by a third party repair shop, click on Add External PM to enter the PM history.
2. Select the PM service from the drop-down list and click on the calendar icon to set the date/time that the maintenance was completed.  EMDECS will use this to re-calculate when the PM will be due again.  If the PM service is tied to readings (i.e. Odometer) fields will also be available to enter the reading at the time the service was completed.

Override Due Date 
is optional.  A date can be selected to manually override when the service should be completed again.
Click Add to save the override.

Note: When setting up existing units in EMDECS for the first time, it is necessary to repeat these steps and add the most recent PM history for each unit to ensure PM services are not missed.  When a PM is completed on a repair order in EMDECS, the system will automatically recalculate the next due date based on the maintenance schedules configured in EMDECS.