Price Overrides and Setting a Specific Part Price

In EMDECS,  you have the ability to overriding the cost / price of parts.  You can override a part price by location or for all your locations. if desired.

Set an Override
To set an override, open the Parts Menu > Part Master > then search for and click on the part number > Click More Info > On the Costs & Pricing tab, open the Override Contract Pricing sub-tab and click Add Override .

In the pop-up screen, select a contract code and currency from the drop-down lists and set an effective date (defaults to the current date).

The contact pricing override can be based on:

1. Percent - If you base your override on a percent, the system will ignore any other discount or markup settings and use the percent entered to markup the part based on its costing method (this will ignore any discount contracts)

2. Price -  If you select the price option, the price you enter will be the price charged for the part.
After filling in the override screen, click OK to save.

Fields marked with an Asterix are required

Overrides are displayed on the screen after clicking OK to save:

If preferred or required, you can do an override contract pricing by location. Select the Override Contract Pricing By Location tab and click Add Override .

This opens a pop-up. All of the fields that have an Asterix are required. 

After filling in the override screen, click OK to save.

An example of an override by location is pictured below. You also have the option to delete the override by selecting the red X > clicking the garbage can icon

Warehouse Level Retail Price:
If you want set warehouse specific overrides for retail prices, these will take effect when a discount contract is used, or if no customer contract is specified.

To override by warehouse for retail pricing: click the Warehouse Costs and Pricing tab > fill in either retail markup or retail price