Purchase History: Screen Explained

The purpose of this article is to explain the Purchase History screen located under Fleet-> History-> Purchase History. This screen will display all Purchase Orders as it's own separate line within the specified date range.

Purchase History

The Labour History screen is preset to show  all Warehouse locations and the date range is 7 days back from the current date. A PO in any status that fits within the search parameters will be displayed.  The page will load without results, press Refresh to display
To search a specific location, select Show Advanced Search and enter the information in the correct field, then press Refresh
If a line is selected, the associated Invoices for that Order are displayed in the lower left-hand of the screen, while any payments would display on the right (for Full Accounting Customers only)
This can also be downloaded in an XLS format by  selecting Export, however, the information from the bottom windows will not be shown.

All Search Parameters

Click on Show Advanced Search to view all parameter options for this page. The button will change to Hide Advanced Search while they're displayed.


On Every History Screen





You can choose which columns are displayed in the On-Screen version of the report


Selecting Detach will open a pop-up to allow more of the information to be viewable in-system
Pressing Attach will return the screen to its previous format


Every column can be sorted by hovering over the header 
Advanced Sort will allow you to choose up to 3 rules to consider at once