Receive Parts

This article provides an overview on how to receive parts in EMDECS.

Video Walkthrough


Receive Parts

Open the Parts menu and select Receive Parts.
The Receive Parts screen opens to the Outstanding Receiving tab. You can use the radio buttons at the top to view the outstanding Purchase OrdersReceivings, or Transfers.
You can also filter by Warehouse and Date. Make sure to click the Refresh button to show the accurate results.

Receiving Parts from a Purchase Order 

1. Select the Purchase Orders radio button, ensure that the correct Warehouse is selected, select the appropriate PO # from the list, and click on the Receive PO button.
If you are not ready to receive all parts on the PO you can click on the Partial Receiving button.
2. At the top of the Inventory Receiving screen it will show general information of the receiving such as WarehouseVendorReference numberDate, etc. Under that, you can add additional Parts to the receiving and adjust the Receiving Quantity if you're only doing a partial receiving. You can also adjust any of the Costs if they have changed since you ordered them.
 If the receiving is also ready for invoicing, you can make changes to Added Costs or Taxes by clicking on the dollar amount hyperlinks. 
Note: It is not necessary to receive all parts at once. If the PO is being delivered in multiple shipments, a partial receiving can be entered. EMDECS keeps track of how many parts on the order have been received and how many are still outstanding. One PO can be linked to many receivings.

3. Once you are finished making modifications click on the Receive Parts button at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

4. Enter an Invoice Number and Date if the receiving is ready to be invoiced. If you have not received an invoice from the vendor yet, leave the invoice number field blank. You can input this invoice number at a laer date under the AP Invoices screen.

If you'd like a printout of the receiving, check the Print Receiving checkbox. Click on Receive Parts to finish the receiving.

Here is an example of what the Inventory Receiving Report would look like.

AP Invoices - Invoicing a Receiving 

1. To process a Vendor Invoice go to the AP Invoices screen located in the Parts menu.
2. Search for a Vendor by entering their name in the search field and then select them in the vendor search results and click Refresh.
You can also use the By PO Number or By Quick Receiving radio buttons to filter the oustanding transactions.
3. Put a check next to the PO or POs to be invoiced, then click on the Process Invoice button.
4. Enter the vendor's Invoice Number and the Invoice Date, then click Process Invoice.
5. The pop-up will show a summary of the Vendor Parts Invoice.  Here you have the option to add a Reference and Notes. Any last minute changes can be made to Added CostsDiscounts, and Taxes by clicking on any of the hyperlinks. The invoice Quantity and Unit Cost of each part can also be edited.
6. Once you are finished making any modifications click Process Invoice.
7. To the invoice history navigate to the AP Inquiry tab. Use the filters at the top to narrow down your search results and click Refresh.
Here you can view past invoices and their details.

Receiving Parts without a Purchase Order (Quick Receiving)

Although it is best practice to receive against a PO for price control and back order tracking purposes, items can be received without a PO using Quick Receiving.
1. To do a quick receiving go to Parts > Receive Parts Quick Receiving 
 Quick Receiving is under the Things To Do list on the left side of the screen.
2. After clicking Quick Receiving a pop-up screen will prompt you to select the Vendor.
Search for the Vendor name then click Select.
Note: If the Vendor is not already in EMDECS, you can click on + New Vendor to create a new vendor on the fly
3. To start adding parts to the receiving enter the Part # in the search field. Once selected, adjust the Quantity and click Add Part.
4. This step is optional but you can link the part on the receiving to a Repair Order or a Counter Sale by clicking on the Link button.
5. In the pop-up you will see all the open RO's. Click on the RO Number and Select a labor line at the bottom of the screen to assign the parts to.
You can also view the open Counter Sales by clicking on the Counter Sale radio dial. Click Select on the appropriate counter sale that you want to assign the parts to.
6. Once you've inputed all the Parts, QuantitiesCosts etc. click on Receive Parts button.
7. A pop-up screen will allow you to input an Invoice Number, but this is optional. Click on Receive Parts to complete the Inventory Receiving. Now the inventory on - hands will be updated to reflect the receiving.
8. Follow the steps under "AP Invoices - Invoicing a Receiving" to process the Quick Receiving invoice.

Receiving History 

1. To view Inventory Receving History navigate to Parts > Receive Parts > Receiving History 
By default EMDECS shows the history By Receiving #. You can click on any Receving # hyperlink to view the receiving details.
2. In the pop-up you can click on the Receiving History hyperlink to view that parts previous receivng history.
You also have the option to Print Labels for these parts if you have a label printer set up with EMDECS.
Lastly you can Print Receiving, if you needed to.
3. Another way to view Receiving History is in the By Part # tab.
In this tab you can view receiving history sorted by Part Number.