Repair Estimate : History Screen Explained

The purpose of this article is to explain the Part History Usage screen located under Fleet-> History-> Repair Estimate . This screen will display all parts as it's own separate line from an Estimate created within a specified date range. 


Repair Estimate

The Repair Estimate History screen is preset to show all Repair locations and the date range is set automatically at 7 days back from the current date. Depending on how often Estimates are done, you may need to set the From Estimate Date further back. An Estimate in any status that fits within the search parameters will be displayed. 

To Create a Repair Estimate

There are two sorts of Repair Estimates in the system. One is solely within EMDECS, while the other is part of the Customer Access Portal. 

Service-> Service Board-> Things to Do-> Quick Estimate

After selecting which Unit the estimate is for, this screen will display to allow you to add Labour and Parts
Once the Estimate is Approved, it will appear as Required Work on the Unit



Customer Access Portal

If a customer is set up for the C.A.P, then even when an Estimate is made through the Quick Estimate function under Service Board, it will be sent to the Customer for Approval



You are able to export this report in an XLS format by selecting the Export option on the screen