Service Board Overview (Video)

This video and article provide an overview of the Service Board screen.

Video Walkthrough of the Service Board


Overview of the Service Board Screen

The Service Board can be used by service managers to monitor Arrivals, Departures and to schedule work. A high-level overview of each tab is provided below.

Arrivals Tab

The Service Board opens to the Arrivals tab. The Arrivals tab gives you an overall picture of the units waiting to be repaired.  The Service Board is also color coded.  Units checked in without required work, defects, or overdue preventative maintenance are highlighted in green, units checked in with required work are highlighted in yellow, and units with overdue PMs, defects, or overdue campaign work are highlighted in red. This helps prioritize urgent repairs.
This tab is also used to check in additional units, work can be scheduled, and repair estimates can be created.

Check in Units / Schedule Work

You can check units or schedule upcoming work using the Schedule and Check In buttons.
Clicking either button will pop-up the wizard below to search for the appropriate unit. Search for and then select the appropriate unit.

In the next step, use the Service Programs, MOTOR, VMRS, and/or RO History tabs to search for and add required work to the unit by drilling down on the icons and clicking on the green pluses to add required labor activities. This will also show any work required already on the unit. You can skip this step and check in the unit without specifying required work.  Click Next at the bottom right to continue.
On the next screen, you can specify which technician or technicians are assigned to the job by first dragging and dropping the work required onto the calendar. 
Then adding the specified technician to the work.
This step may also be skipped. Click Submit at the bottom right to exit the wizard and add the unit to your Service Board screen.

Departures Tab

On the Departures tab, you can check out or remove units on your Arrivals tab.  This cancels any work in progress.  This is useful if you have checked in a unit by mistake and need to clear it from your service board, or if your customer needs to take a unit back before work is completed.  Click on the Check Out button to remove the unit.

Work In Progress Tab

The  Work In Progress  tab lists all repair orders that are currently being worked on by a technician.  You can view the repair order in detail, and make changes to the repair order, by clicking on an RO # hyperlink.


Technician Status Tab

The Technician Status tab lists all of your shop technicians, their current status, the time elapsed, remaining time (if there is an estimate), their location, and any repair order numbers they are currently working on.  The possible Scan statuses are:

ED - End of Day
IT - Idle Time (not currently working on a repair order)
JJ - Job to Job (currently working on a repair order)
L - Lunch / Break (away on break)
P - Pause (timer is running, and any elapsed time will be added to the next unit they select)
SD - Start Day

Monitor Parts Ordered for RO Tab

The Monitor Parts Ordered for RO tab lists any outstanding part purchase orders that have been linked to a repair order. This allows managers to keep track of repairs that are waiting on parts to be received. Parts can be also received directly from this screen using the Receive buttons.

Scheduled Tab

The scheduled tab lists any units that are assigned and scheduled to a technician.  Scheduled jobs can be dragged and dropped into different time slots.

Booking Requests

The  Booking Requests tab lists any Booking Requests made by customers with access to the Customer Access Portal, contact the Customer Experiece team for more information.


Repair Estimates in Progress Tab

The  Repair Estimates In Progress tab lists repair estimates. Outstanding estimates can be reviewed and approved from this screen, and new estimates can be started by clicking Quick Estimate.