Service Manager: Create SRT Guides (Video)

SRTs can be used to create standard repair times and charges.

SRT Guide Video Walkthrough

Step-by-Step SRT Walkthrough

Access the SRT Guide

To access the SRT Guide screen, open the Service menu and select SRT Guide .  

Create a New SRT  

To add a new SRT, click on the Add SRT button.

Enter a name for your new SRT guide and a date / time it will take effect.  Using the radio buttons, you may also choose to start a new SRT from scratch or edit an existing SRT.  

SRT guides may be driven by an equipment group or the make and model of the equipment being repaired, ensuring an SRT is not used for the wrong unit.  

New SRTs begin with a blank page.   To begin building the SRT, click on the green plus.  

Enter a name for the service / activity category then click on the Select Icon button to choose an icon for your new SRT.  

Click on your preferred icon and then click OK.

Click Save .  

To start adding activities and parts to the new SRT, click on the icon.  

To edit the category name or icon, click on the hyperlink for the current name ( Oil Change(0) in the example pictured above).  

Start by adding a labor activity.   Click on the green plus in the Labor section. 

A list of VMRS activities is displayed as icons.   You can use the search field to find a labor activity by the VMRS icon name or the VMRS code.   In the example pictured below, searching for VMRS 045 narrowed the results to two icons:   Cab & Sheet Metal and Power Plant .   Click on the appropriate icon.  

Click on the green plus to add a VMRS activity to your SRT.  

Edit the description, as needed, and enter the standard hours for performing the task.

A task code is required (reason is optional).   Click Select Task .  

Click Select to link a task code to the labor.    

Click OK to save.

The labor activity will be added to the list on the right-hand side.

Repeat these steps to add additional activities.   To go back to your list of VMRS icons, click on the blue back arrow at the top left.

Set Labor Charges

To override existing labor rates and parts pricing, you can use the drop-down list to set fixed, per unit, or per hour rates as described below:  

Fixed :   A fixed charge for the job regardless of the time logged by the service technician.  

Per Unit :   Charges hourly (see per hour).   This option is designed to prompt technicians to specify how many times they repeated the task on a repair order.  

Per Hour :   Charges hourly (any labor amount entered is multiplied by the actual hours spent performing the work to calculate the charges).  

Most commonly, Fixed or Per Hour are selected based on whether you want to charge a fixed rate or an hourly rate for the repair.    

The tabs below the Labor section at the top provide more customization options for your SRT.   Under each tab, there is a green plus that can be clicked on to allow, disallow, or override the default SRT charges.   The tabs are summarized below:  

Include :   Allows you to add another job within a job, meaning that you can add an existing SRT to a labor line in your new SRT.   This does not override the new SRT charges or labor times.  

Disallow :   Prevent the technician from adding activities to the repair job.  

Units :   Specify additional individual units that can use the new SRT.  

Makes :   Specify additional equipment makes and models that can use the SRT.  

PM Schedules :   Link existing customer PM schedules to the SRT.   This will reset the maintenance scheduled when the SRT repair work is completed.  

Surcharge :   Add fixed surcharges to the SRT.  

Override by Contract :   Add exceptions to labor rates based on customer contracts.   For example, if you have a preferred labor rate for some customers, you can add this override to make an exception.  

Override by Facility :   If your company performs repairs in multiple shop locations, a facility override can set different labor pricing in your different markets.

Add Parts to SRT Labor Activity  

To add parts to a labor activity, highlight the labor line in the top section, then click on the green plus in the Parts section at the bottom right.  

Search for a part number by typing it into the Part Number field, or click the magnifying glass to open a search window, then enter the quantity of parts and click Add Parts 

Repeat these steps until all parts for the labor activity have been added then click OK at the bottom of the Parts window. 

After you are finished adding parts and building your SRT, click on SRT Guide to return to your list of SRTs.

Each new SRT needs to be approved before it takes effect on its effective date.   Click the Approve button.

Click Approve again to confirm.

Tech RO Portal:  Adding the New SRT to a Unit

A new Oil Change Service Program has been added to the Tech RO portal from the example above.

After clicking on the icon, service technicians can click on the green plus + to  add an SRT labor activity to the repair order.

After adding the SRT labor activity to the repair order, the parts from the SRT have also been added, as pictured below: