Sublet Repair Orders and Sublet Parts (Video)

If work is completed on a unit on your behalf by a third-party repair shop, the work and costs can be recorded in EMDECS as a sublet repair. This video and article explain how to add sublet repairs and sublet parts to a repair order in EMDECS.

Video Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  1. Service managers can add sublet work to new or existing repair orders in Complete RO or in Service Board. Let's go over how to do so in Complete RO.  To access Complete RO, open the Service menu and select Complete RO .
  2. Click on the repair order that is being used to record the sublet, or click on New RO to create a new, separate repair order for the sublet.
  3. Select the  Purchasing  tab.
  4. Click on the  New Purchase Order  link.
  5. Select a Type from the drop-down list.  Two types are available:
    Inventory PO :  Select inventory PO if you have sublet parts only, without any labor charges.  Note that an inventory PO will still need to be linked to a labor line on the repair order.
    Repair Shop PO :  Select this option to record sublet labor for the repair job (parts may be included as well).
  6. Enter a vendor name into the  Search and Select Vendor  text field.  You can also use the  New Vendor  link to create a new vendor on the fly.
  7. EMDECS will search automatically and display matching search results in the bottom pane.  Select the appropriate vendor.
  8. The Repair Shop PO screen displays general information at the top, with the location, vendor, and PO details on the left hand side and a charge summary on the right.  Labor and parts are added under the Labor and Parts tabs.  Start by adding a labor activity by clicking on  Add Labor .
  9. The Add Labor window has four tabs:  Service Programs, VMRS, RO History, and Other History.  Service Programs are standard repairs have been created by a service manager in the SRT guide in EMDECS, the VMRS tab lists industry standard repairs with their VMRS codes, the RO History tab allows you to add labor that has been previously performed on the same unit, and the Other History tab allows you to add labor that has previously been performed on other units.
  10. For this example, we're selecting the VMRS tab and searching for labor activities containing muffler.  Click on an icon to drill down.
  11. Click on the green plus next to the labor activity to add to the sublet repair.
  12. The sublet repair description, charge hours, and hour charge can be edited.  To change a service reason or task, click on the hyperlink and select the appropriate option from the pop-up window.  When done adding labor activities, click  Add  at the bottom of the screen.
  13. To record the hours and cost billed on the sublet repair, enter them into the test fields, as pictured below.
  14. To add parts, select the  Parts  tab
  15. Sublet parts need to be linked to a labor activity,  Click  Select Labor .
  16. Click select next to the appropriate labor activity for the sublet part.
  17. Next, type in the part number or part description.  EMDECS will display search results in a drop-down list.  Select the part from the list.  Alternatively, you can click  New Part  to create a new part.
  18. Adjust the quantity, as needed.  You can enter the cost of the part on the sublet in the sublet unit amount field.  If this is left blank, EMDECS will use the cost of the part that is recorded in your current inventory.  Click  Add Part .
  19. If you need to make changes to parts after they have been added, click on the charge quantity, unit charge, or total charge hyperlinks.
  20. In the pop-up window, you can change the labor activity the part is listed under, select a part failure code, and update the quantity and charges.  Click  OK  to save any changes,
  21. If shop supply charges were incurred on the sublet, these can be manually entered in the Shop Charges field.
  22. To add surcharges, click on the dollar amount hyperlink.
  23. Click  Select Surcharge .
  24. Select a surcharge name from the drop-down list, enter the amount of the surcharge on the sublet, then click  OK  to save.
  25. Click  Close .
  26. Once you are done entering the sublet labor, parts, and other charges, click  Process Sublet Invoice  to finalize it.
  27. Enter the vendor's sublet invoice number, select an invoice date, and click  Process Sublet Invoice .
  28. The PO status is now invoiced.
  29. Under the Labor and Parts tab of the main repair order, sublet labor and parts are indicated with a "Sublet to" line followed by the name of the vendor.  You can invoice the main repair order, or add additional internal repair activities and parts before invoicing it to your customer.