Tech RO - Complete PM Inspection Forms

Completing Inspection Forms

Labour activities can include PM forms that need to be completed by service technicians.  To complete a PM inspection form, click on the labor description after it has been added to your repair order.
The form may be split into sections, represented by separate buttons.  Click any button to complete the form.
Fill in each item, enter notes as required, then click Done / Validate.
After all sections are completed, click Defect Summary.
Any defects noted during the inspection are listed.  To finish the inspection sheet, click Sign.
Enter your signature, then click Continue.


Failed Inspection Items and Defects

Failed items are added to the Work Required section.  In the example listed below, the Headlamps labor icon / VMRS have been added to Work Required to fix the headlamps.

This required work will remain attached to the unit each time it is checked in as a reminder that the defect needs to be fixed.

If you attempt to Unit Ready without resolving the defect, you will receive an error message that the defect must be included in the repair order.  This ensures that defects are resolved before the unit is put back into service.

If defects have been reported in a PM inspection, they need to be added to the repair order.



Click on the labor icon in the Work Required section under the Labor tab in the Tech RO.



If the defect is being repaired and requires parts, go under the Parts tab, select the activity on the left hand side, and then search for and issue parts as usual.



To enter charge hours and the three C's, click the labor description.



Finally, check the Summary tab, enter any notes, date/time, and readings that are required before finishing your repair order by clicking Unit Ready.


How to Submit/Defer

To submit an Inspection Form go to the Summary tab and click  Unit Ready


The PM correction summary  allows you to record whether the defect was repaired or deferred for repair at a later time.  Use the Action and Correction Status drop down lists to make the appropriate selection.

In the example pictured below, the Action selected was "Repaired". Click Sign to continue.

Alternatively, if the defect is not being repaired in the same repair order, the work can be deferred.  EMDECS will remember that the work needs to be done and it will appear in the Work Required list the next time the unit is checked in for service.
The action selected was "Deferred", click OK to continue.

The technician signature is required to continue and submit the repair to a manager for invoicing. Enter your signature then click OK to complete the PM Inspection Form.