Tech RO: Technician Walkthrough

This article will detail how to use EMDECS from a Technician's login.

Logging In

Every Technician needs an Employee Badge and a Username in order to access the system.  Technicians can share Users when logging in to the system when working from the same location on a shared device.
If using a separate device or the app, they should be given their own Username. 

Video Walkthrough


Sign In Page

Enter the Username and Password
You can change the language that EMDECS will load in by clicking on the word ENGLISH
Once you are logged in, there are two ways the system may appear. 

If you share a Username:

When sharing a Username, you would still have your own Badge assigned to you.  Enter the Badge ID and press Go

If you have your own Username: 

When you have your own Username, your Badge ID will be attached to help simplify login.
This needs to be done by an Admin and should appear as the above screen when linked
If an Employee Badge is linked to a User, the link needs to be removed before deactivating the User

Once logged in 


If you have more than one location assigned to you

 Then all the locations will be shown when first accessing the Tech RO. Your current job will be in blue in the top left-hand corner. Click on this to return to that repair order, otherwise, select which location you would like to load

If you have only one location assigned

*or after you've selected your location
You will see all the repair orders currently assigned to you. The current job is listed in the top left-hand corner still. 

Explaining the Buttons

1- Pause : This does not pause the clock, instead, it stops the counter on your current activity and stores the time until you've selected the next activity. At this point, any time that accrued since the button was pushed will be allocated to the new activity. 
2 - End Shift : This button stops the time accrual for the day and puts an END DAY stamp on the Technicians Time Card. If this is pressed by accident, please notify a User with Admin privileges in order to have the stamp corrected. 
3 -  Lunch/Break  :   Please do not use this function without direction from a User with Admin privileges as it requires setup
4 - Indirect Activities :   as with #3, this requires setup within the Corporation. A pop-up window will appear; items listed might include Shop Cleaning or other tasks unassociated to an RO
5 - Service Board : This button will allow the Technician to be able to see all scheduled work, whether it has been assigned to them or not
6 - More Units : This button allows the Technician to create an RO from the list of available Units in the system

Working on an Assigned RO


Video Walkthrough

Assigned Work

When looking at the assigned RO's, you will be able to tell what is a new job vs one you've already started.  There is no RO# assigned until the first labour line is started on an RO.
While there is no RO#, only a Tech is able to see this and it will not appear under Work in Progress
Press "Select" to choose which RO to work on 
On a new RO, the Summary and Parts tabs  will be greyed out until the labour line is selected.

Adding Labour to an RO

There is the option of using the Unit History to select a previously completed task. Click on the Clock Icon to copy the labour to the new RO
The Work Required for the Unit will appear under Maintenance Due. Any SRT programs or VMRS codes that are available will show as you scroll down. Click on the Icon to add the labour line to the RO 
If an RO is in an open status for the same Unit, they may combine in the Tech RO (as pictured below). An easy way to tell is that you will already be able to select the Summary or Parts tabs.  In circumstances such as this, an Admin can split the RO once an RO# has been assigned. Please contact EMDECS Support if you require assistance with this
The labour will move to the right-hand side of the screen and the clock will start on the task. 

Adding Parts to an RO

Click on the Parts tab to add parts to the RO. Enter the term into the search
Click on the Magnifying Glass next to the Search Bar to access the advanced search
Once the Part is selected, the Warehouse information will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. This will allow you to see where the Part is located in the Warehouse, and whether there are any in-stock at the moment. 
Select your quantity and Issue the Part
The Part will appear on the lower half of the screen.
If a part is being replaced through warranty, any relevant documents can be uploaded to the RO through the Camera Icon. 

Filling in the 3C's

Click on the Arrow to the left of the labour line to expand the details. This will allow you to enter your 3C's and your notes
This can also be done from the Summary tab of the RO. Any Inspection Forms will appear here as well

Before you Unit Ready

Verify that all information has been filled out
1 - Meter : update the reading type for that Unit for PM tracking. May include hubodometer or engine hours as meter types
2 - RO# : This is system assigned. Allows admin to find the RO under  Service Board ->Work in Progress
3 - Type : This can be switched to another code. These would be setup under Administration-> Standard Codes-> Type  by an Admin
4 - PO Number : If you have been provided a PO number, enter it here
5 - Internal RO : If your Shop uses a different RO number to associate paperwork, enter it here
6 - Internal Notes : Any notes entered here will only be able to be seen inside of EMDECS. These notes do not print on the invoice
7 - Notes : Any notes entered here will be printed on to the invoice

Unit Readying

When all labour has been completed and the information under the Summary tab verified, press the Unit Ready button.
This will remove the RO from your assigned work and you will not be able to access it again unless it is sent back to you by an Admin. When this happens, the line will turn red, and there will be notes stating what is missing from the RO
Select the RO and make any required corrections. When ready, select Unit Ready. 

Other tabs in TechRO

There are two other tabs that technicians have access to under the Tech RO: Work in Progress and Time Sheet. 

Work in Progress

To join an RO that is already in progress but was not assigned to you, click on the Work in Progress tab. 
Anything in blue denotes that is the current labour that Tech is clocked on to
Click on the Clock icon next to a labour line to clock on to that RO

Time Sheet 

This will display all of your activity for the current day. Use the icons in the top left corner to change your view.