Tech RO: Technician Walkthrough (Video)

This article and video walk service technicians through how to create and complete a repair order in EMDECS using the Tech RO portal.

Video Walkthrough

Click on the square at the bottom right-hand corner to view the video in full screen mode.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  1. Sign in to EMDECS.

    Sign in to the technician portal / Tech RO online at with your BrightOrder supplied username and password.
    Former PACCAR Connect customers need to sign in using and users in the UK or Europe who signed up through DAF need to sign in using
    Enter your employee badge and click Go .
  2. Select a Unit

    After entering your employee badge, Tech RO will display a list of your assigned units or, if no units have been assigned to you, you will see a list of units checked in on the service board screen.  The service board lists any units that have been checked in by a shop manager. 

    If work has been assigned to you by your manager, only the assigned unit(s) are listed.  Click the Select button next to the unit to start your work.  EMDECS starts a timer in the background to keep track of how long you spend repairing the unit.  Clicking on Lunch / Break or End Shift will stop the timer.  This feature allows shop managers and technicians to keep track of the actual time spent fixing a unit compared to the time charged (you may find you are undercharging or overcharging for certain jobs and use this information to adjust pricing).

    If the unit you are working on is not listed, click More Units .
    Search for the unit (you can search by unit number, VIN, license plate, owner, serial number, description, type, group, or location) then click on the Select button to begin the repair order.

  3. Add Work Required

    After you have found and selected a unit to work on, you will be taken to the screen pictured below.  Any required work will be listed on the left hand side in the Work Required section.  This may include overdue PMs (preventative maintenance), defects reported by a technician or driver, or required work entered by a shop manager.
    To add required work to your repair order, click on its icon.
    After clicking on the work required icon, it will be moved to the right-hand side in the Labor panel and your time on the activity will be started automatically.
  4. Add Parts

    Parts can be added under the Parts tab.  Click on the appropriate labor icon on the left-hand side to add parts to the activity.
    As you enter a part number, or part description, matching search results will be displayed automatically in a drop-down list.  Click on a part number to select it. 
    If you are having trouble finding a part, click on the magnifying glass to open an advanced search window.

    After selecting a part number, enter the quantity used (default is 1), then click Issue Part.

    After being issued, the part will be listed in the bottom panel along with an other parts that have been issued.
    If a part is added in error, it can be removed by clicking on the red and then clicking on the trash can icon to empty the trash and remove the part.

  5. Add Three C's (Complaint, Cause, and Correction)
    This step is optional, depending on whether you shop requires the complaint, cause, and correction to be entered for each repair activity.
    To enter the three C's, select the Labor tab and then click on the labor description to enter the Complaint, Cause, and Correction notes.

    On the pop-up window, the description, charge hours, and hourly charge can be entered / edited.  The three C's must also be entered (all fields with an asterisk (*) are required and must be filled in before clicking OK .
  6. Add More Work / Additional Labor Activities

    To add additional work that is not listed under Work Required , click on More Work.

    A pop-up window with three tabs is displayed:  Service ProgramsMOTOR, and VMRS:

    Service Programs:  Custom repair jobs, tied to units by their type or make & model, with standard repair times that have been added to EMDECS by a shop manager.  Click here for more information.
    MOTOR:  lists standard repair jobs from the MOTOR Information Systems VMRS coding service based on the unit's VIN (see for more information).
    VMRS:  Short for Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards.  Industry standard VMRS codes are automatically included in EMDECS, and can be customized by service managers.  Click here for more information.

    Select a tab and then click on the appropriate labor icon to drill down and locate the labor activity to add to your repair order.  You can also use the Search field to search for an activity by its name or VMRS system code.

    After clicking on an icon, a list of labor activities and their VMRS sys and asm codes are listed.  Click on the green plus next to the labor line you want to add.

    The description can be edited, and estimated hours may be entered, before clicking OK at the bottom of the screen.

    The new activity is added to the Work Required list.  Click on the icon to move it to the right and start the timer for this activity. 

    In the example pictured below, the Air Cleaner activity has been added with the start time:

  7. Add or Update Unit Readings

    To add or update unit readings, select the Summary tab.   From the Summary tab, you can enter a PO Number, Internal RO number, internal notes that are only visible to other technicians and managers, notes for your customer that will be printed on work order invoices, date and time, and add readings.

    If there are no existing reading fields for the unit (odometer, engine hours, etc.), click on the Reading Type button.

    Select the reading type and enter a value then click OK .

    The reading will be added can be directly edited / entered in the future, as pictured in the Odometer reading example below:

  8. Unit Ready:  Finish the work and submit to a service manager for final review and invoicing

    After you have completed all work on a unit the repair order, click on the Unit Ready button.  This will stop all timers, clear the repair order from your screen, and submit the repair to a shop manager for invoicing from the Complete RO screen.

  9. Command Buttons
    While using EMDECS, the following command buttons are displayed at the top right:

    Clear Screen :  returns to the Scan Employee Badge screen (allows another technician can sign in).
    End Shift 
    :  logs you out for the day and stops all timers for your repair activities.
    Lunch / Break 
    :  clocks you out for break and stops all timers for your repair activities.
    Assigned Work 
    :  displays units that have work assigned to you by a service manager.
    Service Board 
    :  displays the general service board for your shop location.