Tire Module

In this article we will be going over the tire module and how to both create new tire types and keep track of your tire inventory.

Management of Tire Inventory

Prior to ordering or receiving a tire you need to create specific codes pertaining to the tire brand, tire type, tire conditions, and tire size. These are setup on the Tire Setup screen (Administration > Standard Codes > Parts > Tire Setup)

These will be codes you assign to a tire once you create it further down. But first we need to create the Tire Part Number on the Part Master Screen (Parts > Part Master). On this screen you'll name the tire, such as "GDYR24R". You'll also need to fill in a few other mandatory fields which are required for any new parts,

After this once the tire exists in your system you'll want to go to the tires screen (Parts > Tires). From this screen you'll want to press "Add Tire Setup" on the top right and enter the required fields,

Tire Part Number: Select the part created in the step above or any tire that exists in your system, This will be the title of the part when used within the system. Once you've filled in the fields on the add tire setup screen press next, at this point the next step will depend on if you have an on-hand of the part or not.

If you currently have a positive on-hand for this part you can go straight into initializing the part with serial numbers. After pressing next on the screen above you'll see a screen with warehouse stock and serial numbers, select the warehouse this tire will be housed in and press Add. From here you need to add a serial number, select the condition and the input the cost,

Press OK and then you'll see the serial number and part setup, once you've done this for each quantity of tire you can press finalize. At this point the tires can be mounted to equipment, sold on counter sales, or several other areas of the system.

Staying on the tire setup screen you can view the individual serial number for each part by pressing View Onhands,

At this point you'll have tires setup in your system which you can use on repair orders, counter sales, purchase orders and several other areas of the system.

Check out the Using Tires article to find out more about tires and the screens mentioned above.