Unit Status: How to set Unavailable statuses in EMDECS

This article will detail how to edit statuses and how to set the status on a unit in the Gen 2 (KONA) version of EMDECS

If you would like Internal Statuses enabled for your corporation, please reach out to the EMDECS Support team at Emdecs Support or via phone by calling 1-877-848-8817

Locating the Statuses

To begin using Internal Equipment Statuses for your units, please begin the setup by navigating to
Fleet-> Specifications-> Administration-> Unit Status 

Creating a New Status

Select +New Unit Status
Create a Code and Description in the text fields. Use the checkboxes to denote whether the unit is Active and/or Available while set to this status.
Click OK when done
The new status type will appear in the list

Changing the Status on a Unit

Navigate to Fleet -> Unit Master -> Select Unit -> More Info
The Status will be displayed on the Unit. Click the blue Hyperlink to change the status
The Status History of the Unit will open. Select +Add Status to continue
Select the Status from the drop-down menu
Verify the date and add any pertinent notes. When finished, click Add Status
The updated status will now display on the status history screen. In this example the unit status is now 'Off-Read' while the availability of the unit is 'Unavailable'
Press Close to exit this screen. 
If the Status on the Unit does not show as updated immediately, press Save/Exit as depicted below